The Big Surprise

I mentioned that we had a Big Surprise for Christmas several times on here.  Here’s the surprise…


Meet Boone!  Isn’t he adorable?????

Hunter and I decided to get the boys a puppy for Christmas.  Ok, we decided to get us all a puppy.  Let’s be honest.  Buck passing left a huge gaping hole in our lives.  We missed him terribly.  Terribly.  The boys asked about him daily.  Hunter found a post on a local hunting forum he frequents and brought the computer to me.  We called and met the guy the next day to check out the puppies.  Boone was one of the biggest pups he had and he was male.  We knew we didn’t want another yellow lab yet (and I still am not ready for another chocolate…Addie was a chocolate) so we picked him. 

Hunter picked him up Christmas Eve night; Boone was just over 6 weeks old.  He was already WAY bigger than I thought he’d be!  We hid him in the basement.  I wrapped a box and then we gave him to the boys Christmas morning.  Here’s the boys opening up their last present.  This one was from US. Santa Claus was not getting the credit for this one.


The boys in their wagon with a dazed and confused Boone.


It’s been a week and a half now.  JP hasn’t 100% warmed up to him but JL LOVES him (except when he’s pulling on his pants).  He is cute and a lot of fun and a lot of work.  He’s obviously not potty trained so there’s lots of that to deal with.  And the chewing.  And bathing.  And crate training.  And chewing.  And the not going on my porch steps for me to step in.  And chewing.  And peeing.  And chewing.  You get the picture? 

What WERE we thinking???  lol.  How could we resist that face though?  I mean just look at him!  Here’s a few more shots of our demon…ahem, angel…



Showing his true colors, right?

The battery on the computer is dying so goodnight!  I wanted to introduce yall to the newest member of the family though!  I’m sure he’ll provide us all with much entertainment in the future. 


5 thoughts on “The Big Surprise

  1. The best presents ever are puppies! I keep thinking it's about time for another one for us, but we'll have to wait 'till the Husband gets home from deployment. Two boys are enough work for now!

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