What Will 2010 Hold?

Happy New Year!

I hope yall had a wonderful New Year’s Eve. We’ll be heading to my Dad’s shop today to have a big ol’ dinner….collards, black eyed peas and (not me) hog jaw. Hunter’s smoking a deer ham as well. Lots of desserts are to be had as well. It’ll be a lot of fun with a lot of people coming through (about 50). It’s my Daddy’s favorite thing to do.

It’s that day…the day where everyone posts their resolutions/goals and such. I’ve been thinking about what I want to work on for a while now. I hate “resolutions” because you’re always setting yourself up to fail, ya know? I like goals better. I do better with goals. I’m going to list some of the goals I have for me and us below. It’ll seem like a hodgepodge but we’ve got a lot going on, ok?!? Actually, I think I’ll break this into 3 lists…personal/family, financial and then home.

1. Participate in another Bible study at church. I’m holding back. I don’t know why. Satan? I enjoyed my Beth Moore Esther Bible study so much. Study the Bible more and pray more. My relationship with my heavenly Father needs a lot of work (all on my part!)

2. Date night with Hunter—monthly. We need this. Even if it’s going to get coffee and walking around the grocery store together. We need a little bit of alone time to focus on us and talk. Being in tune with each other makes our marriage stronger.

3. Respond more. React less. I want to work on how I react to my children (and Hunter). Less angry voice. More talking. Less yelling. More tuning in. I love these kids so much and I worry that they’ll remember me as a yelling mom rather than a loving one. Less no and more yes (but not spoiling them…it’s a fine line isn’t it?!?)

4. Knit more.

5. Go out to dinner with my high school best friend. We lost touch when I went to college (she got married right before our sophomore year of high school and NO, she wasn’t pregnant). She’s been contacting me on Facebook to meet up. It’s time.

6. Be a better friend in general. Call more. Just be there and tune in more.

7. Blog more. As boring as I’m sure it seems, I love this blog. It’s like my journal. I wish I had more comments and interaction and I’m not sure how to get yall to come out of lurkdom, but I do love talking to yall and getting opinions. I do NOT want my blog to become a business though. That’s not what I need.

8. Focus on Hunter and I’s relationship more. The kids like to occupy every second of my attention and I love them dearly. But I shouldn’t neglect the relationship that I have with my husband either. He’s the love of my life.

9. Walk 2-3 times per week. I need EXCERSIZE. If I can’t walk, I need to do the evil Jillian Michaels DVD.

1. Set up a real debt repayment schedule and get to it—we’ve been spinning our wheels and we’re sick of it.

2. Cut my weekly grocery budget by $20 $10. We’re at about $70 a week ($280/month on 4wk months). I want to say I’ll cut it by $20 but until JL potty trains, we have diapers to contend with. Darn stubborn kid.

3. Take the $10 we’re cutting from groceries ($40 monthly) and put it in a savings each week to replenish the emergency fund

4. Save up money for pipe needed to install wood stove in basement (part of short-term savings goal)

5. Build up camera fund using Swagbucks and anything earned with surveys

6. Really set up short-term savings for planned purchases…boots, work clothes, vet visits, tires, triple wall pipe for stove, etc.

7. Buy a pressure canner

1. Improve on the garden (again!) and the herbs

2. Plant bulbs and root hydrangeas from grandmother’s yard

3. Figure out what to do about the water issue in the chicken coop

4. Plant blackberry and blueberry bushes.

5. Buy a bow (add to financial: save that money up) and begin shooting.

6. Continue to frugally decorate our home.

7. Work with Hunter to build that kitchen table I so desperately want. Ours is literally falling apart and it’s not really repairable anymore. We’ve tried.

8. Work with Hunter on getting the basement cleaned up and usable as we can save the money for it.

9. Can more from the garden.

10. Install wood stove (have stove, need very expensive pipe)

11. Improve the stockpile (organized and more practical)

I’m sure that, as Hunter and I talk more, we’ll have more to add but these are things on my heart and mind. What I am pretty happy about with these goals is that there’s a balance…saving verses low/no cost and pretty evenly divided between personal/financial/home. And a lot of it is about changing my/our way of thinking and spending quality time. That’s always a good thing to be working on.

I could do a separate post on what I’d like to change and work on with the blog but I have 2 kids tormenting each other right now. More on the blog later.

From the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate your reading my little blog. I love your comments and hope to talk more with you in the future. If you have any advice on my goals (including how to improve my blog), please share! I know that I don’t get to do a lot of link ups. I am going to try to work on that but I don’t blog at work. It’s my rule. So, that means I have a small time frame to even write a post much less do a lot of link ups.
(Dang it, I had to go up and add exercise….I am stopping NOW. hahaha)

Again, Happy New Year! May you blessed with fulfilled dreams in 2010!


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5 thoughts on “What Will 2010 Hold?

  1. Yall are making me question my list! HAHAHA!!! I know it's ambitious but I need goals. I won't dare show you my daily to do list. It'd scare you.Welcome Jilly! I hope you'll come out more often!!! Jennifer and Diane, thanks for stopping by!

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