A new hobby for me? Shooting a bow

I suppose you could say that Hunter has been working on me for years.  He wants me to hunt with him.  And I’ve always resisted.  Always.

But I’m thinking about it.  Well, not about hunting.  I still don’t think I can do it.  I don’t think I can shoot an animal.  I don’t think that I’m there yet.   

But, I’ve been thinking about this for a while.  I have 2 boys who very much want to do every single blessed thing their daddy does, including hunting.  Hunting, guns, cowboys, dogs, camo, hunting, camping trucks, tractors, animals and did I mention hunting are going to be part of my life for the rest of my life.  I know that.  I also know that I want to be involved in their hobbies as much as they want me to. 

So, I’m thinking. Considering.  Looking.  I’ve brought it up to Hunter and he is ALL excited.  I want to learn how to shoot a bow.  Maybe do some tournament type things.  I don’t foresee being able to just get up and go hunting with him all hunting season anyway as I have 2 young kids.  We can’t all go when it’s 20 degrees outside and well, who wants to?!?  But to spend time with Hunter in the woods is one of my favorite things.  It’s our alone time, our chill time, our together time.  I miss it. We used to ride 4-wheelers all the time and now we don’t get to as much. 

The big problem?  I have to get a bow.  Do you know how much bows are?  Sheesh!  With a big focus on staying above water right now financially, it’s not going to happen quickly but I am going to try to save up for it.  Another fund.  Do yall have as many funds as I do?  hahahaha.  I have a fund for everything.  I’ll have to tell you about my funds one day. 

BUT, we saw this one the other day…

(photos courtesy of Bear Archery website)

This is a Bear Archery Apprentice bow which is a new product designed for women and children.  The website gives the following description: 

This bow also offers a cam (unique to Bear®) with 13 draw length positions to grow with your archer. We believe we have another youth favorite.

There’s also the Young Gun:


The Bear Archery website says:

The YOUNG GUN is the closest you can get to "Dad’s bow." It has all the bones of a Bear bow to give your "young gun" every advantage to learn the traditions of hunting and the most subtle tactics of shooting. This bow’s cam (unique to Bear®) offers 14 draw length positions to grow with your young archer.

The Apprentice is lower in price by about $70-80 so I’m leaning toward it.  While we were at the Bargain Barn (a gun shop/outdoors store) I actually got to handle this bow for a minute and I liked that it was smaller and light weight.  I also like that it comes “Ready to Hunt” which means that, minus arrows, it comes with everything I need to get started IF I wanted to hunt…sight, whisker biskit (holds the arrow on there), quiver, etc.  No extra accessory purchases required.

Hunter had my draw length measured so I know that I have a 24 inch draw length.  That falls right in the middle so either of these will work for me.  AND, if I don’t end up loving it (which I doubt because I do love me a challenge), JP and JL can use this bow to learn how to shoot a bow!  How awesome is that?  I love that it’s so versatile because, after all, I do not need a $700 bow to find out if really want to get into shooting a bow.  

I know this seems random but I’ve been throwing it around for a while in my head.  I think I want to do this!  I don’t know that I’ll ever hunt but that is not the point. The point is that this will be something we can have fun with as a family.

Am I crazy?  Any hunter’s out there with suggestions/advice? (Other than Hunter!  Babe, I know you’re all for it).  I wish we could go ahead and get it but it’s not in the budget.  So, I’ll be patient.  Just like that new camera I want and those boots I want, saving the money up and paying in cash will make it all the much more of a fun purchase.  I’m convinced…credit cards are OF THE DEVIL.  Hate them.  Wish we’d have never gotten them.  I think we could probably swing it by early summer if I put my mind to it and if things pick up. 

Who’d have ever thought that I would want to learn how to do this???


3 thoughts on “A new hobby for me? Shooting a bow

  1. Saw your comment over on Whitetail Woods about getting into archery. Another bow to consider is the Genesis http://www.genesisbow.com/genbow/index.html This would not be a bow for hunting but for shooting it would be good. The other advantage is that multiple people can pick this bow up and shoot it. The bear bow has to be adjusted for individuals draw lengths where the Genesis does not. So I guess if you wanted to spend sometime with everyone in the family shooting the Genesis might be the way to go. Either way I hope you enjoy the new hobby.-Moose-

  2. Hello there! I had seen your comment over at Scent Free Lip Gloss and just had to check out this post. I hope you don't mind.I would highly encourage you to try archery out, even if you never intend to hunt. I’ve been shooting for a little over 5 years now and I still think it’s the best “hobby” I’ve ever picked up. The satisfaction and self confidence that I get from archery is hard to explain but it comes from the fact that in order to shoot consistently you have to be in tune with yourself and your equipment. It’s a good “mind clearer” from the daily grind. (and the added bonus of spending time with your family all doing the same thing- that’s priceless!)As for your bow I have a suggestion that you may or may not have thought of, a used bow. I would suggest buying one from a trusted archery shop, so that you know that it’s in good working order and they can help find a good fit for you, but most of the bows at our local shop are ready to go (except arrows) and about half the cost of a new bow setup.Enjoy your new hobby and Happy New Year to you and your's!

  3. C-re, Archery is a sport that like no other! I love it for so many reasons. I think one of main reason why I'm thankful that I took it on is b/c it has brought me closer to my husband. We have shared some incredible experiences out in the woods together and I would have missed out on it all if I hadn't taken an interest in the sport.I agree with Kmurray – she gave some great advice. Find a local archery pro shop. Most of the time they will let you try out the bows in the shop and you can get a feel for the one that is most comfortable for you. Also, check out Bowcast.com's forums – there is a section where the bowcast members can buy/sell archery stuff. You may be able to find a used bow there. I haven't looked there for awhile so I'm not sure what is listed. Then you could save your pennies for when you are ready to graduate up to a new bow – after you've been shooting for a while you may have a better idea of what you are looking for.Also, I would recommend the Elite Archery line – they have a tremendous warranty for their bows. They will go as far as sending you a brand new bow if you are in the middle of a hunt and something happens to your bow.. just so that you can finish your hunt!Keep us updated in your archery adventures! 🙂

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