Christmas Decorations 2009: Part 1

I’ve been meaning to share our Christmas decorations but simply haven’t had time. We’ve had even more sickness running through the house. But, we’re surviving and I thought that The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Home’s would be the perfect time to show yall some of what we do have going on.

First, our tree.


Gorgeous isn’t she? (Yes, he’s wearing a Halloween shirt…sue me). We let her sit a night to relax out a bit. Then I decided after we’d added more water that I wanted to try something I’d seen in Country Living…


There! Better. I am IN LOVE with the galvanized bucket for the tree. I LOVE IT! Best thing I’ve ever tried. Fortunately, Hunter had a large one on hand from a tree he’d planted. I spent a good bit of time in the freezing cold scrubbing mud and rust out but it was well worth it. I’d love to eliminate the skirt all together but I was worried about rust getting on the carpet. So, there’s a plastic table cloth under the skirt for security. 🙂

We love our colored lights and my mom gets those stuffed animals. The boys have moved them around the house since then.

A couple of action shots…



The nativity my mom got me 2 years ago. It sits on one end of our bar.


The other end of our bar.

Would you believe that I bought 2 of those pinecone lamps from Cabela’s about 2 weeks ago for $15 SHIPPED. Total. Awesome and they fit us.

The mantle.


This year, I just wanted simple. I have my John Deere snow globes and yes, those are antlers in the garland. This IS Hunter’s house after all. I used to have them in a wreath but now I make him save them for the mantle. This year though, he’s insisting on saving them for a coat rack for the boys’ room.We don’t hang the stockings up there since we use the fireplace.

My Christmas village. I add a bit to it most years (not this year). I started my village the year that we got married so it’s special. Forgive the open doors; I was rushed.


Ok, so the next 2 pictures are the same but one is with flash and one is without. It’s cozy like the top one but the bottom at least shows you what’s up there.



Sorry for the mess behind there…I really cleaned up for yall didn’t I with the paperwork and the computer battery?!? The birch-looking tree I found at Wal-Mart two or three years ago. They wanted $25 and I walked away. Even though I loved it. Day after Christmas? $3. Yeah, I scooped it up. 0.99 poinsettias from Black Friday at Home Depot.

Toy room tree.


It’s hard to tell but these are 3 Alpine trees. I picked them up in January at Kroger of all places for $10! I love them! I got the ribbon at the dollar store last year for like 0.10. So, officially, “no money was spent on the making of this tree this year.” I need to adjust the ribbon on the one tree though…it’s running the wrong way and driving me crazy. But strep throat has kept me busy this week.

We have 2 more trees that I’ll post later. I don’t have pictures of them and I’m totally not waking up those sleeping boys to get them! I’ll also get my door stars and the little tree thing I made on the front porch. I have a huge bag of free greenery that they gave me at Home Depot when we bought our tree. They were selling little bags but when I told them I wanted the limbs from my tree, they offered me an entire bag for FREE! Sweet! (Of course, that was the night that JP got sick in the parking lot while we waited on the tree and it’s been downhill, health-wise, since then.)

I think the pictures are halfway decent. It’s a really tight budget year for us and pretty much all of our money is going toward our big surprise at Christmas. (Tune in for that one!!!!) We made a commitment to not use our credit cards and we’re trying very hard to stick to it.

Hope you enjoyed my little tour! Thanks for visiting if you’re new here; we hope you’ll hang around with us!


This is humbly submitted as part of The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes…



4 thoughts on “Christmas Decorations 2009: Part 1

  1. I love the trees! We need to do a real tree next year I think. The snow storm tore half the branches from the big pine in the front yard. We went simple on the decorations this year too, but it end up really cute I think. I do need a nice nativity though. Yours is beautiful. Sorry about your pup. We have a dog that will be 11 soon. 😦

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