A few moments…

It’s almost 7 in the morning. I’ve been up for an hour now I guess, drinking coffee, listening to the cats purr and watching the dog circle and try to find “his spot.” It’s an old new for me.

In the past, I got up early to have a little alone time. To read blogs (which I’ve done this morning), read my devotion and just to be. Quiet. Because, let’s face it, with two boys 4 and under, there ain’t a whole lot of quiet around this joint when they’re conscious.

In the past 2 days, I’ve been thinking about our family and how much I’ve enjoyed them. I worked from home on Thursday and enjoyed that peaceful time at home. Hunter came home after being gone for 3 days. Ahhh joy. And he’ll be leaving again soon for his last “away” hunt of the year. (How many days til January 2??) The boys have been wild, as usual. Money is tight. As usual. Work is…blah. As usual. There are a thousand things I have to be unhappy about. But, you know, I have this inexplicable calm. I’m enjoying this time.

I love the time period from November-January. Even though it can be stressful, it’s also the time when we are more family oriented than ever. We eat lots of meals with our extended family. Both Hunter and I are fortunate to be close with our families. We gather often and savor the time we have together. But for this weekend, our plans are simple. The Christmas tree has been bought and is standing in the living room despite a little boy who got sick as Hunter paid for it. Who was sick most of the evening and ran a fever. But now (he’s up since I started this), he is cool to the touch and watching his favorite movie (Charlie Brown anything is the favorite around here…way better than that awful Sponge Bob so many love). We’ll begin decorating this morning.

If the sickness is over, there’ll be a Christmas parade tonight for us to watch in my hometown. And crafts. And Santa Claus. Oh, I pray the sickness is over. He’s a sweet little puny boy when he’s sick.

They’re calling for snow flurries but that’s too much hope. We don’t get that often here and usually not until late January-early February.

My sick one asks for drink. I have to run but I hope yall have a wonderful weekend that draws you in and has you thinking about family, traditions, love and the ultimate gift that was given to us with Christmas.

Have a wonderful weekend,


2 thoughts on “A few moments…

  1. I wish I could get up before everyone and have some quiet time, so I wouldn't have to do computer work and my reading while the girls are up. But, it never fails – with two light sleepers – if I am up, they are up. I've even debated waking at 4am to do my yoga and scripture reading and then maybe go back to bed. But, I fear they would get up too. I'll have to try it. I'm just so zonked. Sorry your little one has it too. It isn't fun. Oh, and Sponge Bob is horrible. Charlie Brown is the rock-n-roll hoochie coo. 🙂

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