Small things

With winter, I find myself yearning for the simpler even more than normal.  A fire in the fireplace.  Stews in the crock.  Christmas lights.  Baking.  I want to fill the house with the scents of fire, candles, and good food.  My church used to do Christmas caroling but they haven’t the past two years.  And, this year, I’m missing it terribly. 

And since work is only trickling in for Hunter right now, our budget is happy about this staying at home and enjoying where we live. Each other.  There is the added stress of bills and trying to figure out Christmas but oddly, I’m not worried as much as I would in the past.  As the saying goes, “This too shall pass.”  We’ll get through this whether we continue our business or not. 

I’m not dwelling on that though.  Today I want to encourage you to take some time and to think about what you want the most out of this life and specifically, this Christmas season.  For me, honestly, I want my family to be happy.  I want us to make our own traditions and to treasure the ones that our families have already given us.  I want to have good, true, real friends that I can share with.  I want to live that life that Hunter and I dream about.  It’s there, waiting on us to catch up.

There are reasons that we’re in this place.  Decisions we made when we were “younger” must be answered for.  This story is not anywhere near it’s end.  It’s just another chapter…a long one…but a chapter.  This Christmas season, I am focusing on that instead of the frenzy.  Traditions and simple gifts—gifts of need and not just because I had to buy something.  We’ve always kept things small here.   I’ll post more about our traditions over the next few days.  I had so much I wanted to share in November but between home life, hunting season and work, it got away from me.  There’s lots to catch up on!

But for today, what can you do to make your home your home if that makes sense?  What do you want your family to feel when they walk in the door? What do you want for Christmas for your family this year?  I can pull in my driveway and sigh with pleasure, even if I know its probably chaos, leftover dishes, cranky kids and a tired Hunter in the kitchen.  It’s home. 

Where else would I ever want to be?



3 thoughts on “Small things

  1. I find that all I have to change to make my home a place of peace and warmth is my attitude! When I am counting my blessings and thank for all that I have, a miraculous transformation occurs in this house of mine! Wishing you joy, Alea

  2. lol Deidra! That's exactly what I think some days!Alea, you are so right. I often feel that crankiness and know that the boys and Hunter are picking up on it and simply responding to me. I have to step back and realign myself so to speak. Take a breath and remind myself how lucky I truly am.

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