I know.  I’ve let this blog go.  I have.  I think about it nearly every day and have tons of ideas for posts but what I don’t have is time. 

We’ve been dealing with JP and his attitude.  He’s become more and more…spirited…and difficult to deal with.  And JL is entering that stage too.  Oy.  As a result, we’ve been going to bed earlier (by we, I mean them) and I have been making a conscious effort to not be on the computer so much when they’re up.  They need more attention.  So, the blog has to wait a little bit.

But, I’ll be back. We’ve been busy!  I’ve started crafting for Christmas.  We’ve had a birthday.  And we’ve suffered a loss.  More on all that in the future.  I just wanted to say that I am alive.



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