Meal Plan Monday: Week 3

Yep, I missed a week. Are y’all surprised at all really?

I’m linking up to Meal Plan Monday!

Here she is:

Monday: BBQ chicken, baked beans, leftover mac-n-cheese, homemade bread (ALREADY COOKED!!!)
Tuesday: Hamburger Helper using precooked and frozen meat
Wednesday: Beans in crock, cornbread, mashed potatoes
Thursday: Breakfast for supper
Friday: Fried deer tenderloin, twice baked potatoes, leftover pintos, bread (leftover cornbread or homemade bread)
Saturday: Potato soup
Sunday: Baked lemon pepper chicken, rice, peas, homemade rolls or biscuits

Pretty basic week for us. I’m off on Wednesday for a field trip with JP so I’m doing the crock pot thing so we can eat a real meal before church.

Happy Monday y’all,

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