Meal Planning: Week 1

No excuses for not posting. None. But I’m here, alive and getting back to normal, whatever that is!

We’ve been struggling to keep our heads above water amidst the chaos of life in general over the past few weeks. Both boys started preschool (JL’s first year), I’ve been sick, we’ve had steady low-grade fevers running through the house, we decided to start the kids in Awanas at church this year AND I signed up for a fall Bible Study…my first in 3 years and boy do I need it! Needless to say, life is chaotic with my 10 hour work days. Oh and did I mention that I’m officially a hunting widow??? Fun stuff.

So, I’m jumping on board. Meal planning. I do it in my head most of the time anyway, but I want to get started putting it down on “paper” so to speak. For us, we don’t worry about official breakfast food since Hunter drops the kids off and they get breakfast with “Florncy” (aka: Florence, our fantastic sitter). We do keep a few breakfast foods on hand though so they can eat on the way there.

First, I should explain that I work Monday thru Wednesday 10 hrs a day in the office and on Thursdays, I work 10 hours from home (which eliminates 1.5 hrs of driving!). I am off every Friday.

Our “food consumption” week looks like this: Monday-Tuesday (breakfasty food, supper), Wednesday (breakfasty food, very quick supper…usually sandwiches), Thursday (breakfast, supper), Friday-Sunday (all three meals and snacks).

I think I’ll just do a list of what I’m planning on cooking and not lock us into nights. We’ll see how it goes; I may have to adjust things at some point.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the week:

Poptarts (ever so healthy I know)
Oatmeal for me
Banana muffins in freezer
Waffles in freezer
There’s always eggs…

Monday (because it’s already cooked)
Beans in crockpot
Chicken nuggets for kids
??meat for Hunter and I (I’m fine with no meat, Hunter may add a sausage to his)

To do: (Bake a loaf of bread from Frig Dough)

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday Options
Baked chicken, rice, green beans, homemade bread
Baked pork chops, mashed potatoes, biscuits, peas
Fajita night (use venison fajita strips, frozen bell peppers and onions, leftover pintos from Monday for homemade refried beans)
New casserole idea from Kraft magazine (double batch and make one for freezer)

Grilled cheese sandwiches
Leftover chili and baked potatoes
Egg salad

Crackers and cheese
Dry cereal
Ice cream :o)
Carrot sticks and ranch
Canned pears
Home canned applesauce (just apples, no sugar)

To Do for Next Week:
Make new Refrigerator Dough and have fresh loaf baked for week
Bake muffins
Make pizza dough to freeze
Can/freeze tomatoes over the weekend
Grind meat for next week

Wish me luck for my first week! Do you meal plan? How do you make it work for your family? Do you set a menu for each day and stick to that or do you just have meal ideas that you can shift like I’m trying? I rarely run to the store for things I don’t have so it’s pretty much out of the pantry for us. Our slow season is fast approaching, so we’re trying really hard to keep our grocery budget low (another upcoming post) and to eat out less. I’m just curious how everyone makes it work for their families.


1 thought on “Meal Planning: Week 1

  1. I do hope you will post your crock pot recipes to Crock Pot Wednesday at Mister Linky is up and ready for you now. Please join me and thanks for posting.

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