A family’s loss

I’m teleworking today and in the background is Good Morning America. They’re covering the death of a legend. Teddy Kennedy.

While I’m not a Democrat nor have I agreed with all of the stances taken by him or his family, the man is just that. A legend. The Family–Servants of our country, plagued by tragedy to an extent that most of us will never know. I’ve had an interest (ok, obsession) with the Kennedy family for years. I read the biographies and watched the shows. I still have a magazine somewhere that detailed when JFK, Jr. married here in Georgia; I was shocked when he died in the plane crash.

For me, it’s not about the politics or even the servitude. It’s about family. This family loves each other. They gather to celebrate and to mourn. And now, the only brother to live his life out has died.

Prayers for the Kennedy family in their loss.


1 thought on “A family’s loss

  1. It's hard to believe the last of that generation of Kennedys is gone. Once I bumped into – literally – John Jr and his (then) fiance at a Special Olympics event. What a gentleman. I was always impressed with the Kennedy's willingness and mandate of service.

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