Where I’ve Been In Case You Missed Me…

There’s been this…


And then this…


And this…

(Sorry for the blurry pics…don’t know what happened)

And more of this…


A little of this…


And even more…

(Rosemary, Thyme, Basil)

I realized
(Blackberries…my FAV!)

Can I get a little sympathy from yall? This girl is working hard lately! Our garden has done so great! I’m still not “in” to my tomatoes but it’s about there. Plus my dad and uncles have sold, oh, about 5000lbs of tomatoes…no kidding. I’ll be gettin rejects soon I hope!

I’ve picked, washed, sliced, diced, pickled, peeled, cooked, blanched, canned and frozen a lot for winter dining! And enjoyed quite a bit as well. Gardening and cicadas at night are the best parts of summer.

Oh. And just so there’s no confusion as to how one should shuck corn, it involves this…



4 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been In Case You Missed Me…

  1. That is awesome!!!! Is it ok that I'm jealous? Not in a coveting kind of way… just a wish I could have it too kind of way. I know you're going to be talking all winter long about what jar you pulled down or what bag of frozen veggies you grabbed out of the freezer. Meanwhile, I'm going to be lucky to get one good batch of okra (as in one meal's worth) out of my garden. But hey, at least I have the random un-planned pumpkin vine growing.

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