For what?

In this economically insecure time that we’re in, I think that people have realized just how unprepared we are. For what? Well, obviously, economic crisis. Financial crisis. Health crisis. General crisis. Then there was the whole bird flu scare and now the swine flu scare. You name it folks, it’s something to think about.

Hunter and I are preparing for his upcoming normal business slow down in an already slow year. We’re preparing for a cut in my hours at work, our “stable” job. We’re preparing for it to stay this way for months because state revenues typically lag behind the economy. We’re trying to wrap our brains around potential layoffs at my job in the future. We’re preparing for the upcoming holiday season, for furloughs, for winter, for…well, you catch my drift.

What are you preparing for?

In all of this, I am reminded that there is only thing that I must be certain that I am prepared for. Eternity. I believe that I am fully prepared because I have cried out to God and begged him to take over my life. I have invited his son into my heart and I have repented for my sins. Do I still have sin? Yes, because I am human. Do I still wonder how so much love can come down for me?? Yes. Having two boys, I cannot fathom the depth of love that is poured out from God. I do not, and will not, understand how he could sacrifice his son for someone like me who continually fails and who continually drags herself back to him on her knees. Do I spent enough time in his word or on my knees with him? No. Do I think that I deserve any of this love and forgiveness? No. I don’t. None of us do.

But it’s there for the taking. Have you seized the opportunity in an uncertain world to be rest assured of your eternity? Have you asked whole-heartedly for forgiveness? And are you “washed in the blood or just in the water?” I think that’s the question.

And amidst my worrying today over things I cannot change, this is the burden of my heart. I hope you don’t mind my sharing. Sometimes you simply cannot put away what’s being given to you I think, even if it’s not what “your blog is about.”

A favorite quote that sits on my computer at work…

What is faith?
It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see. (Hebrews 11:1 NLT)

4 thoughts on “Preparing

  1. Thank you very much for sharing this. It is a wonderful reminder to me that while we may not feel like we have enough in this life, we are enough for him if we accept him into our lives. Thank you again!

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