Finally! Garden Harvests

Here’s a picture of the garden about 2 weeks ago when I wanted to post it. I’ll try to get some more this week sometime.

These are my cantaloupe plants. We’ve got FIVE of them on the vine and I’m so excited! If we can keep JP from picking them before they’re ready.

This beauty was my first “harvest.” My cousin Jena planted seeds in our dads’ greenhouse and I brought some home. I have really loved having them. They were such a surprise since I never expected them to actually bloom! Isn’t it beautiful?

The first real harvest…green peppers and a zucchini.

Hunter was THRILLED with this basket of his goodies. The man planted eighteen jalapenos plants. Eighteen. And I don’t eat ’em. Hello…
We’ve harvest a squash or two and a first batch of green beans for eating (not enough to can yet).
And then, there was yesterday!

WOW! We have a GARDEN! We were two happy little larks out in the garden last night after the boys’ had gone to bed. I’m supposed to be researching if we can plant some more beans for a early fall harvest. I hope so!

This is my second year having my own official garden and it’s getting better. The okra plants are getting BIG and there are a few pods out there. I think we’ll be covered up with beans soon and we have a ton of green tomatoes. Our first red tomato is trying to turn as well!
As far as my herb garden goes, the Basil took off so I need to get some to drying as well as Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary. My Dill and Cilantro did not make it. Again. I think I’m done with these two. I killed the Parsley. So sad.
I’m a gardener….could I be smiling any bigger right now?


5 thoughts on “Finally! Garden Harvests

  1. I never have any luck with parsley & cilantro either. This year I'm trying store bought already started plants — going ok so far.It shouldn't be too late for you to do more beans. Look at some of these –> I got some blue lake bush 274, but was thinking about Roma II. Gonna plant mine this weekend =)Your garden is VERY nice!!

  2. What a great garden. I wish mine was that big! I had to dig it out by hand and just got tired. I seem to still be adding to it though. At some point in the near future I need to dig out another bed for my fall veggies (peas again, lettuce, etc.) I have pictures posted on my blog.

  3. I am laughing because my husband planted tons of hot peppers too! Our weather hasn't been cooperating though so I am not sure if our peppers will actually end up producing but if they do I need to figure out how to preserve them! Thanks for participating!

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