To paint or not to paint…

First, why didn’t ya’ll tell me about all the typing errors in the last post??? Terrible. I need to go back and fix that. I hate typos. I must have been more tired than I thought! Ok, back to regularly scheduled program…

I need some advice. Opinions. Something.

Hunter and I are in a debate. Let’s set the stage.

Here’s our house right after we moved in and re-landscaped almost 3 years ago. We can’t believe how small the plants look in this picture!

Pretty simple. There’s a walkway now that starts where the cat is standing. Yes, I need more pictures.

Anyway. Here’s a closeup of the front door.

And the shutters

As you can see, our front door and shutters are green. Faded green. It looks bad. I want to improve it. I want to paint the front door and shutters black. Nice, simple black. There are only two shutters on the house, right there on the front porch. The siding is a tan color and our side doors are currently white. I’m thinking either a semi-gloss finish or high gloss. Definitely not flat.
Hunter says leave ‘em green 98% of the time. Well, repaint them green.

What do ya’ll think?

Here are a few questions that are running through my head. Am I obligated to paint the side doors (which you can’t see until you go in them) black too? They were painted white last spring to cover up a terrible painting job of…yep, faded green. Ijiots used interior paint on exterior stuff. Don’t get me started on how bad the porch rails look.

And if we were, by some off chance, (meaning one of you have a darn good reason) to leave them green, can I put a black porch swing (a project I’m in the middle of) on there with my wood rocking chairs? (Note: swing on one side, rocking chairs on other). Oh, and here’s a duh question. If I paint the door black, can I leave the door frame white? Stupid I know but I think I can. Otherwise, it wouldn’t match the trim, right?

And if the door, shutters and swing are black, is that going to look weird with my wood rocking chairs. The swing was in bad shape. I’ve been sanding it to remove the peeling, aged, yuck green and was going to stain it but that’s not going to work so it has to be painted some color. The chairs ain’t going. Those are my second Mother’s Day present and I love them. A lot. Cracker Barrel rocking chairs rock. No pun intended.

I should also probably throw out there that I finally finished staining and sealing my Mother’s Day (this year) screen door so that is going up this week. It’s a pecan finish. Yep, I wanted to throw another complication to the situation.

And just for the record, the railing on the porch and handrail is white. Not my choice. Stupid people before us did that. I also have plans to eventually sand the front porch and just stain the floor I think. Or some kind of whitewash stain if that makes sense.

HELP! I need HELP. I’m getting close on this little swing and I need to know what kind of paint to buy! I’m a decorating moron and yes, this qualifies as decorating in my book. The porch is the first part of your home that people see and despite my kids’ refusal to keep it clean, I want it to look nice! I want it to feel like a comfortable place to sit, have some tea, read a book and just relax.


5 thoughts on “To paint or not to paint…

  1. OK, I'm going to take a stab at this, but anyone familiar in any way with blogs knows there are others out there much more talented that I. I don't think you're obligated to paint the side doors…but it's a nice to do for one day in the future when you want to get rid of the extra black paint. I also think you've got to paint the door black if you're adding a black swing. But…I do think you can leave the rockin' rocking chairs their natural color, maybe add some pillows that have black, white, and a bright color that pops. That way, you'll have something to tie everything together…white railings, black door and shutters and swing, wood screen and chairs. And then you can get some planters and flowers that echo those colors and line them up on your steps. That's my two cents, take it or leave it. But please show us pictures when it's all done!

  2. Thanks Deidra! That's what I wanted to hear! Rose said the same thing but she wants me to paint the side doors too. :oP to Rose!!!! lol. Now I can buy paint (after camping this weekend).Love the pillows idea though! I hadn't thought of that.

  3. You can paint the door, the shutters and the swing black. Trim needs to be white as well as the Railing and posts. Floor needs to be natural wood b/c just as the wood has faded now so will stain or white wash and imagine the pain that that would be to take off when you change your mind. What about the screen door black, white or matching the chairs.

  4. I need to first say that I would love to have a house with green shutters, even if they were faded and needed to be repainted, 'cause I just love green shutters. That being said, I agree with the advice you have been given. You can leave the door trim white because the window trim is white. The mix of furniture colors will create balance. And eventually you have to paint the other doors, but I am a big believer in spreading tasks out over time.P.S. Lovely house!

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