What’s that you see???


What are you talking about?

You see something different? Possibly bigger?

Do you see happy chickens? Or overwhelmed ones??? Lol

This handsome devil is JP. And yeah, he won’t take those boots off again this year. Thank goodness they still fit! I looked them up…$45 a pair people. A PAIR. For KIDS. Oy!

And here’s his partner in crime…JL!

And, as you can see, my boys love the chickens. All they wanted to do was chase them around and pet them. That is, until Mr. Red said enough and chased them back. Live and learn kiddos. They were giggling so much

That’s right. WE FINISHED THE COOP. Thank God. We were so sick of it hanging over our heads (or at least Hunter was). We busted our tails today and trudged on through to wrap it up. I’m so happy! The long day ended with me arguing with the chickens that they were going to come OUT of the hutch and INTO their new home. They were not impressed with me but I persevered. They’ll learn to do things my way eventually won’t they???

(Now, shhhhhhh. Here’s my favorite girl.

Don’t tell the others. Just look at her feathers…black and white speckled. She knows she’s special too. She’s so much tamer than the wild black ones!)

I have no idea how big the coop is. Hunter shingled the roof and, between the two of us, we stretched the wire. They have a big open run and open building. The nesting box was given to us so it was free. I used 7 bags of the cypress mulch that we already had to cover the floor. I hope that’s ok for chickens to be on. The chicks seem pretty happy. We have plans to do some curtains for the winter but that shouldn’t be anything major. Biggest problem I have right now?

This…when we tell him he has to come out of the coop.

(Please ignore nasty shirt…we were working alright?!? He got a bath before bed I promise.)

And there’s this…

I’ve got 2 worries. First, even though Hunter bought a eye hook thing that I can barely work, what about the boys opening the door and leaving it open?!? And then, can I tell you how many times we panicked because we thought JP had locked us in? We should have put in a trap door I think. I’m not going in without my cell phone ever again. Just in case.

I’m not sure if it should could against my cost but I’ll go ahead and include this. I bought a staple gun to make our lives easier. I couldn’t bang the stupid staples in with a hammer. I nearly bet the h.e.double.hockey.sticks out of them and they wouldn’t go in. So, I invested $30 in a staple gun that I now want to marry. I foresee many, many projects going so much smoother. And Hunter says it will come in handy when we go to cover the greenhouses in the fall. Hmmm….maybe I’ll let him borrow it.

It’s been a long, long day. I’m exhausted! There are some other projects that I finished up as well. And, I have got to show ya’ll pictures of my garden. It’s so wonderful. I finished the mulching up today. We are lacking some tomato cages but we’re trying to figure out what to do that won’t cost anything.

I plan on doing the absolute minimum that I can tomorrow. :o) I’ve earned it. I do have to clean out the hutch though so this sweet girl

can move back into her home. She will not be impressed with the smell, I’m sure.

Just a quick flash back to April….the girls (and Mr. Red). They were so cute and tiny!

Coop happy and delirious,


4 thoughts on “What’s that you see???

  1. Beautiful coop and run! Congratulations. This makes me miss my girls and rooster Bill Henry. They were killed by a predator a week or so ago now. We had only had them a couple of months. I loved those chickens. We are working on gettin some replacements right now. I found your blog through Google Alerts. My blog is A Mountain Mama and I'm in the mountains of Kentucky. Fond of the Blue Ridge though… very much. I'm delighted to have found your blog. 🙂

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