Is this a vacation?

1 week of staying home with the boys because the sitter went to the beach=pure enjoyment.

I thought I would go crazy with the kids all week but overall, I’ve had 1 meltdown (yesterday) where I just sat down on the big rock by the garden and squalled like a baby after yelling at JP for the 8000th time. Me crying upset him so he “had to go in and lay down on the couch until he stopped coughing(?)” He’s a tad dramatic. He did at least take a moment to rub my back and JL kept bringing me a ball.

We’ve kept busy but it’s the free kind of busy. Mostly anyway. We’ve got swimming lessons every single day since Monday. JP is in swimming lessons so we go each night from 600-700. I had enrolled both boys but my cousin unexpectedly couldn’t be there to help me so I put JP in since he’s had more water issues than JL.

(On another note, can y’all keep my cousin Jena in your prayers? She had a miscarriage on Father’s Day. It was her first pregnancy and she’s just hurting emotionally so bad. I know what she feels like but no one really wants to hear words when they’re going through this. They just want you to let them be as much as you can but still be there when they need you. All your prayers are appreciated.)

Monday-Wednesday, we’ve also swam at a friend’s house so that’s been fun. JP is really starting to love the water again. That’s a huge step up from him clinging to my neck and screaming his head off last Friday. He’s starting to swim underwater! I’m so dang proud of him right now. JL loves the water so I’ll start working with him soon.

We’ve also gone to the park once and practiced tball and played on the playground and spent 2 days in our yard playing. My nieces came over on Monday and played with the boys all day. They loved that. Rode four-wheelers, played on the partially complete play set and just bossed their cousins around.

I watched “He’s Just Not That Into You” last night and it was pretty good. It’s been a while since I just sat and watched what I would deem a “girl movie.” I’m loving the RedBox though! How awesome is it that I can rent newish movies for $1 a night?

Minus swimming, not a whole lot of excitement has gone on. I decided from the get-go that this wasn’t going to be a week of crazy projects, cooking and cleaning. I was home with the boys (which is where I long to be) and I was going to enjoy it. And I thought I’d be bored but I haven’t been.

1. Swam for fun every day but today; however, there was some kiddie pool fun this morning
2. Went to swimming lessons today
3. Attempted to clean the kitchen a couple of times only to mess it back up
4. Played outside
5. Watched a movie with the kids
6. Worked in the garden (mulching will be finished tomorrow and fertilizing to come)
7. Attempted to work on chicken coop (I am simply a weak ninnie who can’t pound in staples with a hammer)
8. Started painting bar stools finally
9. 3/4 of the way finished with sanding 1 of the 2 swings I brought home (both free from parents)

I thought I’d paint more but it just didn’t happen. I sanded all morning this morning in the yard while the boys played. One of our swings was painted green and I wanted to sand and stain it but painting that sucker black is looking better and better! The green just doesn’t want to let go. The other swing is an old metal one from my parents yard that I’ve always loved. It is rusted some but not through so I am going to get a stiff metal brush to clean it up and then buy some Rustoleum to paint it black too. It’s white right now but I think black will look better. Unless I decide to shock us with some red to match the chicken coop someday!

Maybe Hunter and I will work on the coop on Saturday. We’ll have to see. We’ve had some work come up so he’s not been here as planned. I’d love to knock that out so it’d be off THE LIST. I’ve got plans to hit the new water park tomorrow with a friend from work (for $8-12 for me and the boys!) but JL was warm again tonight. He had a fever last night. I’m not feeling so hot myself either. We’ll see.

I should note that I’ve cooked very little. I thought I’d do more. But our air conditioning is just struggling with this heat to keep the house below 80 at night! So, it’s been too dang hot to cook. I’ve grilled once and Hunter fried up the fish he caught in Florida last month on the back porch one night. We did Chick-Fil-A as a treat for the boys last night and ordered a pizza tonight (both Hunter and I have headaches which probably explains these ramblings some). I have ground beef laid out for tomorrow night. Saturday night is a cookout with friends and Sunday will be a whateveh day. Last day of freedom before I’m sucked back into work. Blah.

In the famous words of everyone’s favorite Southern belle: Well, I won’t think about it today. I’ll think about it tomorrow…

Off to bed. We actually have to get up in the morning and go to JL’s 2yr appt (sniff!)

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