A Quick Chick Accounting Update…

Just to keep track of expenses:

Hunter bought another 50lb bag of feed: $12
Grit (crushed granite for their digestive systems) to feed: $7

# of eggs: 0 (we’re pushing 3 months old so it’s early yet…need to get them in their coop with their nests)
Admitted # of roosters: 1 (my bad)

Funny story…I’ve got one roosting on top of the waterer. Anyone ever reached in their coop at 10pm to fill up the waterer and grabbed a chicken?!? Talk about a scream! Me and the chick! And the rooster.

What am I going to do with this



One thought on “A Quick Chick Accounting Update…

  1. I so want chickens! I even have a coop on our property, but I haven't been able to convince my husband. Every time he goes on travel I tell him he is going to come home to chickens (It is part of my travel disincentive program.), but haven't actually followed through…yet!

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