Childhood Memories…sweet nostalgia

I have no excuse so I’m not going to offer one. Hunter got on me about not posting! Life is…busy is all I know.

Summer has officially arrived. In other words, it’s hot. Meanwhile, life rages on. I’m here. We’ve been camping (more on that later). I’ve been working. We’ve gotten about 95% of the garden in. My baby turns 2 in 2 weeks(sniff) and I head off to camp tomorrow to work with a bunch of teenagers for 5 days. Lord help me. The best part is I’ll be going to South GA. Yeah, it’s hot here but it’s HOT there. With gnats—South GA’s state bird. lol. I’m taking my computer so I plan to at least do some writing when I can (we have a bit of down time and if I don’t have pool duty, I’ll be writing some). I love it down there. I actually went to school where our camp is being held, and I always feel “at home” when I’m there, despite all of the changes in recent years.

But, the purpose of this post…

Have you ever been doing something and just had this sense of nostalgia come over you? Remembering your childhood? I grew up in a very small town. My grandparents kept me during the day while my parents worked at our store. My Papa grew a massive garden and sold produce. My Granny cared for us and the house. She was…delicate…and also preferred to stay at home than to go out (wonder where I get that from?) My Papa called her “Bitty” because, as a child, she was always called “A Little Bitty Thang” because she was so small. How sweet is that? I love them more than I could ever put into words. I loved their house (where Hunter and I lived, brought our first born home to, and the home that my family has built their lives and business around). I love thinking back to my childhood and them having such a large part of raising me.

Today, I’m cooking lunch for my men. I have a chicken that I’ve already baked warming in the oven. I’m making PW’s corn casserole, green beans, and homemade-biscuits. I also whipped up some pudding and sliced strawberries to top it with…jazzed up with a little sugar of course. As I was putting our lunch together, I was swept back to being a child. We almost always had a big lunch. Papa was the cook! Granny…not so good in the kitchen though she could throw something together when she had to do it. I can remember sitting on the ugly linoleum floor, playing, or being out on the porch that was shaded by a magnificent maple (oak?) playing with my cousins, Jena and Kyle, and smelling lunch cooking. There was always an oscillating fan going and the TV in the background (Little House on the Prairie or the Price is Right anyone?) It made the house unbearably hot but they cooked anyway. I remember sitting down at the walnut table in the dining room, eating with my grandparents, my cousins, and the rest of my family in shifts (they came in from the store or the fields or whatever other job they had). That table still sits in the house. Hunter and I covet it.

I felt so much peace getting things together today. Even with knowing that I haven’t packed for camp, the boys fighting, and trying to moderately pick up the house, I feel peace. I wonder if my grandparents knew that peace of just caring for your family and having that simple family time that draws you closer. I’m sure they did. Today, it’s like I can feel my Papa and Granny smiling down on me. And it makes it so much more special.


2 thoughts on “Childhood Memories…sweet nostalgia

  1. That is so very sweet! It took me back to my grandmother's house…fan running, TV on, playing jacks on the linoleum floor of a kitchen that was hotter than hot. But chicken was frying, greens were cooking, cornbread was baking and it was so worth it! Thank God for sweet memories that wrap us up from time to time.

  2. Have you read the short story "Once More to the Lake" by E.B. White? He describes taking his son to a lake he went to as a child. During the trip he experiences the lake through his memory, can project how his father felt, and sees it through his son's eyes. Sometimes during those nostalgic moments I feel like the experience is multidimensional, with the present experience adding a layer of joy to the joy of the past.Thanks for sharing!

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