Frugal Fanny Week: A Wrap-Up

Hey yall! It’s Wednesday and it’s been a long week! lol. I wanted to finish up Frugal Fanny Week with my last recap.

Saturday—We didn’t end up going to the birthday party. JL has just Whiny, crying, clingy. Not sure what’s going on but there don’t appear to be any teeth coming in. I’ve thought ear infection but there’s just a really low grade fever that’s very infrequent. So, I’m watching him. At any rate, we decided not to take the boys. So, we stayed at home and PLANTED THE GARDEN!!! You read that right. PLANTED THE GARDEN!!! I’m thrilled! It’s in. We have 3 things left to add. Pole beans, some bush limas and a couple of cucumber plants. I will eventually add pumpkins but I think it’s a little early yet for those.

Back to Frugal Fanny. I cooked burgers Saturday night. No sausage to add to the venison so we added diced up bacon and the burgers were yummy. Venison needs a little fat added to it to make it stick together. We usually add sausage but the bacon and an egg worked pretty good. I also made homemade fries. Here’s a question: why on earth did my oil foam up the entire time I was frying them? Anyone? It was a huge pain. The fries also never got crispy crisp. They were good but not as crispy as normal. It was strange. We went to Home Depot with Hunter and did buy a few plants for the garden. Jalapenos, green peppers, basil and thyme. Minus buying a few cucumbers, we’ll be done.

Sunday, we had my family reunion which I had forgotten about. So, Sunday morning I scrambled and threw together a peach cobbler and tea to take. I had frozen peaches last summer so it was all homemade and it turned out yummy. Other than buying the paper, we did well.

Frugal Fanny Week was good for me. It forced me to be a little creative several times during the week instead of taking the easy way out and running to the store. I also got creative on gifts. I still have to ship the birthday gift. But the baby gift? Here’s how that went down. I had to pick up a prescription for JL. So, that was $11 which I paid for with my FSA. No out of pocket. I had a coupon for a $25 gift card with a new prescription so I got it. Then I bought 2 packs of diapers (one for JL and one for the gift) for 8.99. I had 2, 1.50 off coupons. And $10 in ECBs. So, in the end, I spent about $6 on the gift card and have $19 left. No out of pocket!

Another example of creativity…I wanted more than diapers for a gift obviously. I had bought a yard of fleece from the scrap bin a while ago for about 1.50. I had also bought a fat quarter of this cute baby fabric back at Christmas. So, I took the fleece and split it in half and then took the cute fabric and cut two “E” letters out of it. I sewed those together (a front and back to the letter so that you couldn’t see the hem through one layer) and then sewed the letter to the fleece. Add the back side of the fleece and I knotted the sides. It turned out way better than I ever dreamed it would! I shouldn’t be but I’m proud of it! I hope she liked it. I couldn’t go to the shower because of the family reunion so I dropped it off Sunday morning at church.

I’m glad I did this! I hope to do it again in another month or two. I think it needs to be a regular thing for us. Just to keep us in check and to remind us that we don’t need to depend on stores for every single thing. There are plenty of things we can do and make ourselves.

I’ll post pictures of the blanket tomorrow. Hunter’s got my camera in his truck to take pictures off a job he’s working on. I’ll post pictures of that too. He’s done such a beautiful job.

Off to get the boys up and to the sitter so I can go to work. Poor Hunter had to go in early because they’re getting 18 pallets of sod to lay. He’ll be exhausted tonight. Poor guy. I dread it for him.

Have a great Wednesday!

3 thoughts on “Frugal Fanny Week: A Wrap-Up

  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway. I wish I could plant a garden this year. We are between houses and I have no idea what house I will live in by harvest times.

  2. I’m inspired. My husband and I are “snowballing” our debt (our version of a debt elimination program). So far – at week 14 – things are going well. But there’s always something, right? And I tend to not think creatively enough to make a blanket out of what I’ve already got. So thanks for stretching my thinking about that. With graduation coming up, I believe a bit of creativity is in order.

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