Frugal Fanny: Day 5 & 6 (Thursday & Friday)

A good day! We had a yummy supper of BBQ chicken in the oven, rice (WAY over salted becaus I dropped the salt thing in there), home canned green beans and homemade bread. Hunter was late but he did till the garden last night for me.

I did go to Wally World for the gift card and I behaved quite well. I spent $1.98 on a 6 pack of flowers to finish out the hanging basket we planted for JP’s preschool teacher (last day was today–Friday). I also bought 5 bottles of Kraft BBQ—yep and I spent 1.98. I had $1 off coupons and they were 0.98 each! So, FREE!

Today, we had to go up to JP’s preschool party. I’d already bought my contribution for their buckets and my portion of the gift card for Ms. Wendy. I went and set up a new computer for my dad as well. Then it was home, nap time, and I have been working my butt off raking the garden. I am planting today (tonight) and in the morning before we leave for a birthday party. Seriously, it’s like 90 degrees so I’m chilling under the ceiling fan cooling down. Hot, hot, hot. The kids were getting really red faced and they refuse to come in to the shade without me.

Hunter just called and he wants to use our Outback gift card tonight! WOOHOO! I need to run to CVS to get some diapers for the baby shower I mentioned earlier in the week. But, if it works out, I’ll have a $25 gift card to use for a new prescription so zero cash. Either way, I have to have a gift so this has to happen.

Oh and I found out our family reunion is Sunday. Oh boy. Guess I need to think up something to take. At least it’ll be at the park.


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