Frugal Fanny Week: Day 4 (Wednesday Recap)

Ok a Day 4 recap.

It went well! Only 0.75 on a drink so pretty good I think.

We had yummy grilled pork chops for supper along with mashed sweet potatoes, baked beans and homemade bread. The boys ate SO WELL! I was impressed.

Then we tried to have some family time and watch Lilo and Stitch (we’d never seen it). Do you know how many times they say “stupid” in that movie? Umm, we cut it off.

I’m working from home today which makes me happy. The sun has finally come out and I picked up seeds from my dad for the garden. They’ve basically sold out of most of their plants darn it. I really wanted actual plants for the squash and zucchini but that ain’t happening now. I’m going to try to grab some tomatoes when I pick the boys up from the sitter today. We may try to get it in tonight as more rain is forecasted for the weekend…sigh. It’s a good thing though, the rain. I’m not complaining. I’m NOT.

Seeds: cucumber, squash, zucchini, okra, bush beans, bush brown limas, did I get cantaloupes? We have a hand full of peppers here already so I just need the tomatoes.

Ok, lunch is over. Budgets are calling my name. Wish me luck tonight. I have to go pick up a gift card for JP’s Sunday School teacher from all the parents. Walmart. DADADADUM. His last day of preschool is tomorrow which means my Fridays to quickly run errands with 1 kid are g-o-n-e. Oh boy.



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