Making It Up As I Go Along

Had to share this. It was 630 and I was running around like a chicken, getting supper ready…remember those Manwiches I was making? Easy meal, right?

Tip: It’s always wise to actually be sure you have the key ingredients when you meal plan…like the Manwich stuff.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Option A: Let Hunter stop at the dollar store on his way home and get a can like he offered to do.
Option B: Make your own

What did I choose???

I MADE MY OWN MANWICH! I googled it and looked at a couple of recipes before I tossed in the towel, said screw it under my breath where my kids wouldn’t hear, and thought, “I don’t need no stinkin’ recipe.” And off I went back to my kitchen where I tossed a small can of tomato sauce, a bunch of ketchup, onion powder, minced garlic, garlic salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce, more ketchup and just a few pinches of brown sugar in the pan with my meat. I didn’t even test it before I did it. Oh and chili powder.

The final result? YUM. Not too shabby. I liked it and Hunter liked it. (It was a “we’re not so much interested in eating our food so much as throwing it” kind of night as far as the boys went). I was quite impressed with myself! Felt all Pioneer Womanish. lol.

And just to prove I can be a domestic diva when I want to be, get this…the meat was ground venison that Hunter shot this year and we ground ourselves and put up. We ate our homemade Manwiches on homemade buns (that Hunter said made the meal very hearty and filling) with my homemade fries. Minus my Dr. Pepper treat, it was a homemade night. Well, alright, my kids drink store bought milk but I am NOT getting a cow! lol. Like I’ve got time for that right now…I do love me some dairy cows though. The boys also had homemade chocolate syrup in their milk! How ’bout that for a really-real homemade meal?!?

Off to bed,

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