Frugal Fanny Week: Day 3 (Tuesday)

Ok, so I had to go to Wally World this morning. BUT, I was good. A $3 thing of brake fluid (light stayed on all the way in so Hunter said “I don’t care about your stupid No Spend week, get brake fluid”). Yes Suh.

I also bought the birthday gift I mentioned last night because tomorrow is the last day that I’m near a Big Wally World near where I work. Our little one leaves a lot to be desired…and makes for interesting entertainment. :o) A small 1 gallon aquarium, a bag of rocks and 2 little fake plants per her mama’s suggestion. I think I’m done. I’ll have the boys color a cute card for her and we’ve got plenty of wrapping paraphenalia. Maybe I’ll make a cute bow for her. I’ve got someone else waiting on bows from me too. Need to get around to that, don’t I?

I made some “buns” last night. I say “buns” because they’re huge rolls! lol. I’ll try to get a picture. I also baked a loaf of bread and the rest of the dough went to rolls for later this week. Slight swap in the meal planning…manwiches tonight. I forgot to set out meat and we’re out of sausage. So, I need to go by my friend’s and pick up some sausage this week for burgers on Sunday. That’ll work. I can start with frozen ground tonight for the manwhiches with no problems. And hopefully clean up our wreck of a kitchen. I hate doing dishes. I love cooking, I hate clean up. I had kids for this reason and I can’t wait until I can delegate that task…just kidding! (maybe).

I caught JL on video last night singing DDDIIEGGGOOOOO…pretty cute for a 22 month old! And I got JP singing Jason Aldeen’s She’s Country and then Sweet Home Alabama. Hilarious. I need to figure out how to share that because it is priceless.

Ok, children have disappeared from sight and it’s quiet. Must run.



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