Frugal Fanny Week: Day 2 (Monday)


I put a venison roast in the crock with seasonings and onions this morning so supper was done when I got home. I added some previously frozen homemade mac-n-cheese, green beans and some bread sticks courtesy of Pillsbury. This gave me enough for lunch tomorrow. I’m adding notes so I don’t forget to do stuff!

(DONE–set bread out to rise while I finish up supper for buns, rolls, and another loaf of regular bread baked; Still to do: set out meat for Tues)
I’ve laid out our meal plan for the rest of the week I think:
Tuesday—ground venison/sausage burgers, homemade fries, homemade hamburger buns (we’ll see!), salad
(bake/boil sweet potatoes ahead of time for Wed; set out meat for Wed)
Wednesday—chicken (baked, bbq, grilled?), mashed sweet potatoes, corn, bread, salad
(set out meat for Thurs)
Thursday—grilled pork chops if there are any in the freezer, mashed potatoes, peas, homemade rolls
(make pizza dough (triple recipe for freezer)) (do another double batch of refrigerator bread)
Friday—homemade pizza (make homemade sauce; set out meat for Sat/Sun–cook ahead possibly to avoid excuses?; bake off buns for Sunday?)
Saturday—Mexican? we’ll coming back from an out of town birthday party so it all depends on what time we get home
Sunday—Manwiches, fries, salad, baked beans

I’m never good at following these things but it does help me to think about what meat to lay out as all of our meat is frozen.

So far today, I’ve spent $25 on gas but I was on empty so I had to have it!

Success stories out there? Does anyone else meal plan? How do you keep it up without getting in a rut? Hunter hates spaghetti now because of a rut we had last year.


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