Frugal Fanny Week: Sunday recap

Sunday…a recap of Mother’s Day and Frugal Fanny Day 1.

Well, I didn’t spend any money on Sunday but Hunter did. Is that ok??? LOL!

Hunter took me out to eat for Mother’s Day. In fact, he was hurt that I’d thawed a roast to cook in the crock. So, we went out to our favorite Mexican restaurant where JP proceeded to show his tail and finally had to be taken to…the bathroom. The dreaded bathroom trip. Confession: Hunter also bought supper for us and my parents. Pizza. But he paid in cash.

Then we went home and I got to take a nice nap. I never used to take naps but since I’ve had 2, I need them! However, this little body thought it was too much and stayed up to until 1 a.m. Thus I fell asleep at my desk today (Monday).

Later, we took my mom her present and then left the kids with them to ride with Hunter to Home Depot. He had to buy lumber for a job he’s doing but he also bought me a screen door for Mother’s Day! I’m so excited. We’ve been wanting some for the 3 years we have lived here. I’m going to stain it and seal it this week so we can get it up. Eventually, we want to get two more for our other 2 doors. That would make for some lovely breezes on cool evenings without bugs. Then we ate our above confessed pizza for supper.

Ok, I did get him to buy a pack of AA batteries for toys…I swear battery companies are in cahoots with the toy making companies. I SWEAR. My poor baby keeps bringing me toys and telling me they don’t work anymore!

My MIL also sent me some goodies. Hunter went over to help her with some projects on Friday and Saturday. I ended up with a great old (30 yr old) wheel barrel, more Mason jars for canning and some cool gardening baskets.

Day 1 over.

I did realize last night that I have a couple of issues. I have a baby shower to go to on Sunday and I have nothing in my stash to give. We also have a birthday party out of town on Saturday for our friend’s little girl AND JP’s last day of preschool is Friday. I was planning to have him help me plant a hanging basket to give to his teacher. We have a variety of flowers we can put in it and potting soil but no basket (I kind of wanted one of those metal ones with the coconut liners in it). I’ll have to think on that. I’m also supposed to contribute $10 to a gift card for her.

I’m thinking I picked a bad week to be a Frugal Fanny and have a no spend week. But, is any week a good week when we’re so accustomed to just running out and getting what we want when we want it?

How’d yall do?


ETA—I lied. I scrounged up enough change for the paper…hangs head. DANG IT.


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