Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope that each and every mother that reads this little blog has a wonderful celebration of her rewards in this life.

Want to see what I ordered for me from Hunter and the boyos??? lol….I think he was relieved that I just told him that I found something that I really wanted and it was on sale. But I will miss the flowers and such that I normally get. I’ll just have to buy them myself won’t I??? Here she is:
Not my favorite pattern but very summery and I like it (it’s called Peacock). Java Blue and Puccini are my favs but fallish looking. I got the tote in Java Blue from my best friend as a diaper bag for JL and now it’s my knitting bag. I love that thing.

A co-worker has this one in the yellow bird pattern and I fell in love with it. It’ll hold my cards (insurance, debit, gift only mind you) and my checkbook AND my receipts AND has a place for cash! That is was appealed to me about this one. It just seems so…practical.

So, thank you Hunter, JP and JL. I love it! The three of you are the only gifts I need. I could ask for no more in my life. I love yall.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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