A Challenge For Myself

Darn Dave Ramsey and his living like no one else. (LLNE)

Ok, despite me being very good about using coupons and all that, I feel like I’ve really blown it this week and last. I’ve got lazy and lenient. Complasive. Unacceptable.

No more.

We need to get back on track. Between buying our camping gear, signing up for t-ball camp, Bible School, swimming lessons and the regular weekly stuff, I feel like our ship has sprung about a million leaks. Therefore, I’m issuing a challenge for myself.

The challenge? I can’t go and do my “rounds” at the stores next week. Period. A no spend week if you will. Our pantry is full, our freezer has food, and our animals have feed. I feel like I’ve gotten sucked into couponing and going weekly again. I’m not spending more money so to speak but I am not always spending what I should if that makes sense. I’m not being frugal enough.

Starting on Sunday, it’s a Frugal Fanny Week. I have to buy potting soil and flowers for my Sunday School class’s Mother’s Day project tomorrow so Sunday it is. The only things that I will have to do is write the check for our tithe on Sunday, buy 1 tank of gas mid week, write out a few bills (doesn’t count as frivilous spending) and pay the sitter on Friday.

I have another thing that I need to work out in my head regarding diapers and CVS next week. It might me my only exception but if I can wait until Friday to do it, it won’t be bad.

I’ll try to post each day on how I’m doing. I’m gonna need some support and some tough talk folks. As much as I hate the store, I can justify just about anything. We all can.

Anyone want to try with me?

Living like no one else is hard.


One thought on “A Challenge For Myself

  1. I hear you, girlfriend! In January we went to a class that was a Dave Ramsey-esque adventure. Since then, we’ve been living small…and peacefully. It’s a struggle sometimes not to slip back into old habits, but we’re thirteen weeks in and this way of living is making a difference, let me tell you! So I’ll be checking this week to see how you’re doing, and to get a bit of encouragement and stick-to-it-iveness for myself.Happy Mother’s Day!

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