It’s never gonna happen…

Today we had big plans. Burn pile, finish coop, till garden, etc. Hunter was “getting up at 5 to get started”…to which I scoffed. I know him better than that! lol. So we rolled out of bed at 7 for coffee and cereal. He mows the grass and starts putting shingles on the coop. Roof is finished. I head out to pick up a prescription and some beloved Zyrtec. He goes to borrow tractor.

One hour later, he calls. Can you meet me at barn? Sure thing. Leave grocery store (we’re having steak for supper!) and head to barn. Twenty minutes later, we manage to get the tractor to jump off. He loads it on goose neck and we strap her down. Notice flat tire on tractor. Sigh.

Home. It’s now close to 1 and children haven’t eaten a meal yet. Help me get it jumped off again. No problem…it is my garden after all. Thirty minutes later it jumps off and we can unload. I feed the ever popular PB&J and goldfish for lunch. He tills for about 15 minutes and has to leave for an appt. I take kids up for naptime. Manage to not fall asleep. And then it happens….

Rain. Pounding on the roof. Sigh….will the garden EVER get planted? It’s already stopped but it was a good soaking rain. Not complaining about the rain. We heart rain. But darn it, I have a garden to get in if I’m going to can this summer!

I think I’m going to drag out my sewing machine since JP is asleep in my bed and I can’t put up clothes right now. Til later…

4 thoughts on “It’s never gonna happen…

  1. Hey yall! Thanks for reading. BOPP–Tomatoes, green beans, peppers (green, red, yellow, jalepenos, banana), okra, pumpkins, squash, zucchini, and maybe peas. It’s looking like 2 more weeks on planting.

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