The Chicks–Part 2

A cost update. Sigh…..

We’re working on the coop. Hunter’s been swamped but it’s a work in progress. Hopefully we’ll have time finish it in another week. Meanwhile, Pepper and I had to have a little talk, and she has moved back into the crate so the chickens can hang out in her hutch until their coop is finished. They were just too big and starting to fly out. She wasn’t real happy about the situation and I have the scratches to prove it.

Coop Supplies

  • 5 pieces of OSB board for the sides and roof
  • Hinges for the door
  • Wood to build the door
  • Chicken wire
  • Screws? I think.

Total Cost: $110

Luckily, we had the timbers we needed to build the frame and the long screws we needed to put it together. Saved us some and considering what we’ve spent, that’s a good thing! Since we were unable to find any used metal roofing, we’re going to use some shingles left by the former owners of our house for roofing materials. Cost=free. We think this will be all that we need. Think.

I also had to buy feed this week; they finally finished that first 20lb bag of feed. I bought the grower feed, a 50lb bag, for $11. Can I just say that a 50lb bag of chicken feed weighs WAY more than a 50lb bag of dog food! Trust me. 2 kids, 50lbs of chick feed, 50lbs of dog food and 10lbs of rabbit food in a cart is h-e-a-v-y.

The coop has made this economical project not so economical. Sigh….these eggs better be GOOD.



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