It’s easier to just go to work sometimes I think

You ever had one of those weekends where you think it might just be easier to have gone to work? Granted I never want to be at work but man alive, we fill up our weekends sometimes!

First it started out with what was supposed to be my day off on Friday. Instead of working on cleaning up this house and organizing, we woke up late, rushed JP to preschool, rushed back, fed JL, rushed back to preschool to hide eggs for their little party, loaded up kids, picked up mom, drove her to the bank, me to the bank, picked up lunch and also missing supper ingredients, drove to Hancock’s where I agonized over fabric choices before finally selecting one to make a bed skirt. Then, we rushed home, dropped Mama, ran home, threw together supper for 6 (my parents too), ate, left kids with my parents, and THEN ran to outlets and to Wally World to get Easter stuff. Everyone now has Easter outfits but….me. Of course. I’m the easy one, right? Sigh. I hate clothes. Oh and we finally decided on a tent for camping. We just have to buy it now.

We ended the night by going to a local bakery that started having coffee and desserts on Friday nights until 10p. It was nice to just be me and Hunter hanging out. Plus, they had an excellent Fudge Pie (known in our house as Chess Pie and it’s to die for).

Saturday was the kicker. I planned to stay home with JL while Hunter took JP and went to the nursery to pick up plants for a job this week. No biggie. I’d clean up and work on my bed skirt. But, nooooooooooo, JL pitched a fit, squalling his eyes out because he wanted to go with Daddy too. So, off we all went to the nursery for a “quick trip.” That ended up being until 1pm. On the way back we stopped to buy another waterer for Pepper and a feeder since she was supposed to move out to her hutch this weekend. (Yeah, that didn’t happen either. It’s supposed to be 27 on Wednesday morning. I’m not putting her “acclimated to our house tail” out in that. So, the guilt got me and I just finished cleaning out our large cat carrier (medium dog sized) and shoving that into our ever shrinking laundry room. She needed more room and I guess I needed more trash on the floor to sweep up.) Next up, he wants us to pot up 5 balled and burlaped trees we’ve had for a while just to give them some room. Sounds easy? Think 12-15 foot Deodor Cedars that make me itch in suddenly 70 degree weather while I’m in a long sleeved t-shirt. I love these trees and we have 2 in our yard but my arms still itch a bit from them! We muscled them in though and then sat up a number of other trees that fell over. Home by 4….naps for everyone but me who instead muscled the king mattress off the bed alone and completed her bed skirt (and I love it and will share pictures later). Supper, baths and beloved bed.

Sunday—church, out to eat at LaHa, home for naps (which we all participated in :o) rare for me) and back to church because we had nursery. Thank goodness I cooked supper before we left. We forgot to hit CVS so I dropped Hunter off to load his tractor for tomorrow and ran back to town with the boys in tow. Home, supper, bed by 915…not too bad. THEN I set Pepper up in her new temporary home, and cleaned out the chicks and gave them fresh feed and water.

I’m tired. I think I’ll have some Easter candy and lay on the couch.



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