While I was unplugged…

As part of my effort to keep myself busy while I was Unplugged, I worked on a little project that I saw here (thanks Carrie (my rockin‘ blog designer) for sharing!) Could I have linked back anymore in that sentence???

Slightly different from the link above (though I kind of like her’s better), I bought hollow paper mache letters at Hobby Lobby. On sale for like $1 each. I also bought a few different sets of 12 x 12 scrapbook paper (again, on sale…0.39/each) in varying color schemes that I liked. I had these bluesy mix that I really like but I just loved the black and white that I went with.

Here they are on the wall…

These walls will be a warmer, more honey toned by summer (hello, Tobacco Road—I’ve been dreaming of this color for the kitchen for a while and the Nester finally told me what it was). It’s on THE LIST.

I also bought our initial to do one for our room but I may get the other kind instead. And I have plans to do P-L-A-Y in our toy room in some fun, boyish scrapbook paper. Big plans.
I love how they turned out! And when I get tired of them, I can just change the paper. No real commitment. That’s what I’m talking ’bout.
Self proclaimed decorating commitment-phobe,

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