The Chicks—Part 1

I want to keep a running tab on this whole chicken endeavor if y’all don’t mind. To see how much I put into this and how much I get out (other than teaching the boys about where our food comes from and how to care for animals).

So far, we’re up to about $40. That’s 6 chicks, 1 20-lb bag of feed, 1 bag of medicine for an initial treatment, 1 waterer, and 1 feeder. Oh and a 250 watt bulb for the heat lamp I already had. I signed up for the Tractor Supply newsletter and they sent me a $5 coupon and then there were some in store deals as well. Gotta love a deal.

Hunter got a 12 nest box from a friend’s dad (well, they’re both friends but I guess that’s not the point) for free which we think will be better than the nests he built out of scrap lumber. So, we’re going to go with that I think. We are using a frame for a coop from a shed Hunter was planning to hunt out of so that’s “free” so to speak. We’ll spend some money on siding for the building, possibly a little more lumber to frame out the run, latches and wire to complete the coop.

That’s basically it. I know I’ll want to paint it too but that’s down the road. Red, I think. :o) I’ll be sure to post pictures as we progress.

Just wanted to get it down before I forgot.


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