Easter Decorations!

Ok, I’m sorry. I’m skipping Tightwad Tuesday. I have a pulled muscle (crick) in my neck and I don’t feel so hot. But, I’ve been working on this post so I thought I’d go ahead and do it.

Since I failed to actually get any real decorations up for St. Patty’s (minus window decals on the side door), I started diligently working on Easter decorations. Up until the point where I had children, Hunter and I had the minimalist approach. KISS. Keep It Simple Stupid. Except for Christmas. I LOVE Christmas but I buy very little each year. I’m picky that way. One of my personal goals for the year was to make our home more homey…more us. To decorate, not just for the every day, but for the special things too. So, this is part of my little journey to creating a warmer home for my family.

Anyway so, with the boys, I really want them to remember our home during the holidays. Just little things. Not tacky….hopefully anyway. This year, I decided that I wanted to do an egg tree and a few other little things that included eggs. But, it had to be inexpensive. We’re on a budget here folks! So, before Hunter completely tore down all the trees, I went out and cut some limbs off of one of the wild Dogwood trees. Then I stuck them in a white flower pot that I filled with rocks. And I lived with it for a week or two. Hunter joked that he doubted the tree would root that way. I ignored him.

I had some white spray paint so I lightly sprayed the limbs. Better. Next, I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some eggs. They had mini wooden eggs (4 per pack) for 1.99 and larger eggs (3 per pack) for 2.99. I bought 3 of the mini’s and 2 of the larges. On a later visit, I bought 6 paper mache eggs (3/$1). Then, since I haven’t painted crafty things in years, I bought about 4 bottles of acrylic paint (cheap…like 0.69 or something). I bought 2 whites and then chose to buy primary colors because I knew I could make my own pastels my mixing them with the white paint. That’s the supplies. I think it was a total of about $13 with sales?

I sat down and painted all the wooden eggs one afternoon. Note—the paper mache eggs don’t paint as pretty AND they don’t have that handy flat base that makes painting easier. All of my paper mache eggs have an ugly spot on them.

Maybe an hour for 2 coats and the primer coat in white. The colors dried a little brighter than I wanted so I decided to lighten them by dusting with the spray paint.

Later on, I decided that I wanted some spots so I tried a few techniques including black spray paint, a brush, and flicking paint on them. I never found one way that did exactly what I was looking for but that’s ok. And I forgot to take a picture. Opps.

I was trying to keep this cheap so I dug around and came up with a bag of raffia from a picnic we’d had a while back. I knew I’d kept it for a reason! I cut strands and hot glued them to the top of the eggs and then tied little bows and hot glued those to some of the eggs. Done!

So I thought.

Then I decided that it wasn’t enough. I went online and started looking for stencils of rabbits, crosses and chicks. The chicks got complicated so I decided to just do rabbits and crosses. I had some scrapbook paper from a scrapbook kit my best friend bought me when JP was born (that I never did) so I cut them out of patterned paper and then mounted it on solid paper. Punched holes, tied raffia and that was it.

(Oh, and I wrapped raffia around the base of the “tree” to cover the rocks). The end product?
Cute, no? The ribbon is pink, not red. I like it even though the limbs shift a bit each day. And the boys have found HOURS of entertainment from these eggs. Why do we buy toys?
My other decorations

(Confession: Basket, Hobby Lobby $3 on separate visit, 2 marble eggs, Cracker Barrel $1.49 each—my splurges)


This one was actually my first little attempt at decorating. Cute isn’t it? Nester inspired purchase with the little glass thing and wooden base (what do you call these?) $1.97 back in, oh, January so it doesn’t count! Whatever it is, it’s kind of become a seasonal “thing” that I do. I’m liking it.

OH! I totally forgot to show the garland I made with the stencils that I mentioned. Nothing special and it’s not a great picture but here’s what we’ve got going across the fireplace now.

Please ignore the dirty fireplace (need to figure out how to clean off smoke from previous owners still), the boocoo of candles (I forced Hunter and kids to participate in Earth Hour—minus the TV) and the ugly fireplace screen (it’s on the list to replace but it works).

That’s it. Easter decorations. Now I have to get busy finding new shirts for the men in my life, me a new shirt, stuff for baskets, and a treat for my SS class! All economically, of course!

Next year, more eggs, more sedate colors and apothecary jars. That’s my plan. :o)



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