I did it!!! I Unplugged!!!

I did it!!!!!! Kimba, at A Soft Place to Land decided that she was letting the Internet and her blog take up too much of her life so she decided to have a little party to Unplug for 24 hours. At first I thought she was crazy! I didn’t think I could go an entire day with no Internet (not willingly anyway). So, I was hesitant to tell anyone that I was going to try. Let me just say, I thought I would go NUTS. I did miss my friends more than anything but you know what, I got a lot done! I finished up 3 projects and had a great day with Hunter and the kids. Granted we were gone a good bit but even when Hunter hopped online, I refused to look. The one time I was tempted, he closed the computer and put it away for me. :o)

Project wise, I finished up:
My Easter decorations (actually three projects really—Easter decorating DONE—pictures to come
A small kitchen decorating project (pictures to come)
General cleaning
Tried to install hardware on recently painted dresser but it’s the wrong size

Hunter, JL and I also went out for breakfast while JP was in school. We hit Tractor Supply and Cracker Barrel for a birthday present (why are these the only places you can find John Deere stuff?). We bought supplies to put a shelf over our desk as well at Home Depot. Hunter should finish that today. We also started going through the boxes of “stuff” in our basement to clean out the pit. It’s just a mess down there.

We had a good day. I’m glad I tried this and had the will power to do it!!! Thanks to Kimba for encouraging me to try!!!

And now I have a ton of blog fodder. :o)


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