Let me introduce you to our new babies!!!

Are they not the CUTEST THINGS??? Just look at them! I’m so over the moon. Right now anyway. They’re so cute and so tiny. For some reason, you have to buy 6 here (state law?) so we have 6 chicks, hopefully all female.

Here’s a few more pictures…

Look at that face! Not sure of their breed but I loved the black and yellow ones! (JP did too; JL just wanted to touch them). These were pullets so they’re supposed to be little ladies.

Home sweet home. At least until they’re big enough for their coop…and we get it built.

This one is my sweet Red. I hope it’s a girl! I was going to get all Reds because they’re supposed to be good layers but they were straight-run (i.e. mixed sex) so that was a no go. I couldn’t resist one though so this one ended up in our box! Hunter wasn’t there to tell me no. Lucky for him that me, two boys in a small cart, 6 chicks, a waterer, a feeder, a 20lb bag of feed and a packet of medicine was all I could fit in the cart! I can see our feed bill getting higher and higher…dog food, cat food, turtle food, rabbit food, and now chicken feed. Hunter keeps talking about a pig but so far, I’ve vetoed that one. Now, sheep? I WANT.
I can’t wait to see how this process goes though I have no idea what I’ll do with 42 eggs every week if they all lay daily! LOL!

Completely unrelated (literally) but just look at this sweet girl:

Hasn’t she grown?!?!? Her hutch is almost done and it’s getting warmer so she’ll be outside where she’ll have a ton of room. I’m excited for her. We’re going to put some sod in there too so she’ll have some grass. She looks slightly psychotic in this picture but she’s a real sweetie. She’s become very affectionate, loving on my hand and that sort of thing. I’ll miss her standing on two legs looking at me when I go in the room. My Pepper Le Pew is what I call her. :o)

With the ever expanding household,


One thought on “Chicks!

  1. Your black and yellow chicks in the first couple pictures look like Australorps – mine looked exactly like that. They turn out solid black when they feather out, and lay nice big light brown eggs. In your 4th picture down you have a black fuzzy with a white patch on its head, it looks like a Barred Rock chick – also an awesome layer and a super friendly bird. Good luck with them!!!

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