When does it stop?

It’s a beautiful Sunday afternoon and I’m sitting in the sun in middle of the walkway Hunter laid after we moved in. Carpenter bees are buzzing around and birds are chirping. It’s gorgeous and I’m finally warm after freezing in church. The boys (Hunter included) are napping. So, I snuck out with my paper (to check out the sales) and my computer. My parents had stopped by to see the kids but they just gave up and left!

But, in all honestly, I’m escaping a little bit. Hunter had Fox News on and some guy name Glenn (who wears a suit and tennis shoes!) was talking about something that happened this week. Now I don’t even pretend to understand everything going on financially in the world. I don’t even try. But according to this show, our federal govt just loaned printed 1 trillion dollars out of thin air. WHAT? A trillion dollars? And, to top it off, this trillion dollars has caused the value of our dollar to drop drastically. Glenn says that this is it—the last ditch effort to save our economy. And that it’s never worked before. Promising, right? From my interpretation of things after listening to this Glenn dude, basically, the govt doesn’t want deflation and recession (but it’s already here, isn’t it?); they want us to spend and spend and to not save. Where’s the lesson learned in that? Isn’t it about time that Americans realize that we cannot live on credit?

Hunter and I struggle with the battle with debt daily. It’s exhausting. And, God willing, we will win this battle. With all the doom and gloom on the television, it’s easy to get discouraged and to feel like it’s just time to give up. To ease up. To just go out and buy that little thing you wanted instead of trying to make do. It’s so hard to stay focused on being satisfied with what we have because all that’s getting shoved down our throats is to buy, buy, buy, borrow, borrow, borrow.

I don’t want anyone to lose their house. I don’t want them to lose their job, their home, their car, anything. I don’t. It hurts me to see stories of foreclosures being auctioned off on court house stairs around the country. It hurts to read the stories on some of the boards and blogs that I frequent from people who just need to tell someone how they’re hurting. It hurts.

But, when do we, as Americans, tell our govt that we have had enough? Enough of the ridiculous spending and enough of the programs that we can no longer afford. And this isn’t something that’s happened overnight. It has been a long time coming that our economy has to answer for the childish way we have chosen to live our lives…with our heads in the sand (or the clouds). What’s going to happen tomorrow? I don’t know? Will we make it with our little company? I don’t know. What I do know is that we’ll be alright, no matter what happens. We have friends and family that loves us and we love each other. We have the support we need to get through whatever happens to us. We rest assured that God will provide and that he’ll carry us through.

To anyone who’s reading this and has or is going through these difficult times, I’m praying for you. And I know you’re doing the best you can. I hope that you too have realized how stupidly we’ve spent and how we have to change our way of thinking. I say we because you are not in this alone. We’re all in this together. Whether you’ve got a stable job or yours could end today, we’re in it together.

That’s it. The show just struck a cord with me. I needed to get that out and since Hunter’s snoozin’, you got stuck listening to me ramble. I hope you don’t mind. What do you think about the trillion dollars? What do you think about how we got ourselves into this situation as a nation? What can we change, personally and as a country? Like I said, I have zero expertise but I love to read opinions!

I think I’ll go and read the paper now and enjoy the breeze, the quiet and the warm sunshine on my face and I’ll focus myself on all the good that I have in my life and the blessings I’ve been given.

Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “When does it stop?

  1. I hear you. It seems like all that’s out there is doom and gloom some days. You’ve probably heard that the Chinese symbol for crisis incorporates symbols for danger and opportunity. I like to think of the economic crisis like that symbol. My husband and I are struggling along with the rest of the world, just trying to make ends meet, climb out of debt, and keep two kids in college. Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel. But I’m reminded of a song our choir director used to make us sing over and over again: Count your blessings. These days there really are more of those to count than dollars in my 401K.

  2. Hey lady! i don’t even pretend to understand how all of this works. husband and I went through dr’s fpu and we are doing our best to work on eliminating our debt. its one day at a time for us, and some months, the grocery funds look like they’ll run out before the month does, but God always provides, kwim?! that extra box of macaroni at the back of the pantry is found on just the right day, the girls not being very hungry at dinner leaves enough for lunch for leftovers the day before payday, we have a good (maybe ‘good’ is an overestimate, ‘better’ would describe it) potty week and the pullups last through the month. its the little things like that we thrive on. sigh. sometimes i wish we had MORE but more often than not, i’m just glad we have ENOUGH.

  3. Yall are both right. Isn’t it the Phoenix that rises up out of the ashes? I know that opportunity will come in all forms from our crisis. And I know that we are lucky to have what we do. I think I just get impatient, and like Deidra, I want to just quit. But, I’m hanging on and keeping my head up. We’re taken care of and that’s what’s important. Thanks for the encouragement ladies!

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