Is it me?

Do you ever feel like life is about to take you for a spin? Like you’re waiting on something to happen? Good or bad? Sometimes I feel like I’m in a holding pattern, just going in circles. I mean, how is it Wednesday already? How have I not cooked supper once this week? Why am I so tired tonight?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about changes. Changes to our lifestyle and my way of thinking. As spring kicks in and things are still just barely trudging along, I am trying to come up with more things we can change to cut our expenses while making our lives a little simpler. Everyone is talking about the economy and to be frank, I’m sick of all of the doom and gloom. And, folks, I wonder if it’s going anywhere anytime soon. We’ve been blessed to be getting by. We still have our home, our kids are healthy, my job is stable and Hunter and I are just…close. Our relationship seems to be strengthening as we pull tighter to one another.

So, I’m thinking, what else can we change? Luckily, spring is coming and warmer temps means some things will be improving. We’ll start gardening. The boys can play outside again. It’s light outside longer in the evenings so we’re not cooped up. I can hang lots of clothes out on the line. We’re not running the heat or the air so that’s only helping! Prior to this week/weekend, we’ve been “good” about not going out and all that.

But what can I change in the non-financial range? Is my attitude hurting my family? Is my negatively (which seems so prevalent these days) teaching my boys to be pessimists? Is my attitude at night after work hurting my boys feelings? Or Hunter’s?

There’s lots to wonder and worry about. And believe me, I’m a worrier. There’s lots to think about financially to try to strengthen our financial situation. There are lots of questions about “me.” That’s it. I’m just thinking out loud. Am I being ungrateful for the blessings I’ve been given?

Right now, all I know is that I feel like a scrooge and a cranky mama. I think I’m going to take back the “we can’t go outside because you’re not listening inside” and we’re going out in the yard. We all need a break I think.



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