My favorite things…

Have you ever bought something and it has just changed. your. life? Am I the only one? Am I crazy?

This precious piece of machinery has revolutionized my world…

Yep, that’s right. A KitchenAid. I used to think that people were CA-RAZY for buying these things. I mean, they just sit there on people’s counters, looking pretty but being useless. My cousin has one and she doesn’t even cook! (Love you J!)

Let me tell you about my mixer and how I, the cheapest person I know personally, ended up with one. When Hunter and I got married, we signed up for the cheapie version of this. And it bombed. Big time. The stupid bowl didn’t lock into place and it would just sit there and spin, infuriating me. I went back to a hand mixer. I preferred to knead dough by hand anyway. I didn’t like my bread machine anyway. Dry bread.

So, I’d gone 5 years happily along. But as I began to branch out in my baking and cooking, I knew I needed something. Something stronger. Something to free up my hands a bit. So, I started looking and gawking and refusing to pay that price for one. Then we really started eating a lot more bread and I started baking goodies for friends too. It was just too much. So, I told Hunter I was going to keep an eye on them and try to save any money I got for Christmas and then my blow money up and get myself one. Hunter secretly planned to buy me one for Christmas because he knew I’d truly use it. I’d resigned myself to a cheaper KA, even though I wondered if I’d be able to do the refrigerator bread at all in it. I wanted to buy the best one I could afford and the biggest so I could do huge batches.

One day, I was Christmas shopping on amazon and I saw an advertisement for a sale in the kitchen section. I went over there and gasped! A KitchenAid, professional series 6qt mixer for $269? That can’t be right. With free shipping? Yes! And a $50 gift card? NO WAY! And a free magazine subscription? NO STINKING WAY. And in Nickel Pearl or whatever? One of the “normal” colors and not mint green? OH. MY. GOODNESS. I frantically called Hunter. He told me to get it. I said we couldn’t afford it. He said get it. I said no, I’d wait. He told me his little secret. I agonized. I showed it to 3 people at work. I agonized. I read a TON of reviews as quickly as possible. I agonized. And then….I placed the order. (And yes, we paid it off the card so we do own it :o)) I was SO EXCITED. I tracked it NONSTOP for 3 days until it got here. I sent in the gift card form and two weeks ago, I used it to buy me new tennis shoes (first pair in 7, yes SEVEN years—and I agonized for a week before getting a pair). And I signed up for Bon Appetit magazine (one of two good choices).

This thing was a STEAL. I knew it. Hunter knew it. I’ll bet KA and amazon wept when they shipped it out to me. When it got here, I dragged it (literally, it weighs as much as my kids) out of the box, washed it and set to making us some bread. Fan-tastic. It kneads dough like a dream, including the 5-6 loaf recipe that I use. And it makes my life sooooooooo easy. I’m made cake batters, brownie batches, cookies, sweet potatoe casserole and all kinds of other stuff with it. I’m in love. It’s my baby. I heart my nickel pearl, KitchenAid 600 series professional mixer. I’ll never go back. It lives in it’s own special place in our cabinets and I drag her (it’s a her) out at least weekly most of the time to use her. Hunter’s afraid we’ll run away together.

We also bought the meat grinder attachment to process venison. I have mixed feelings about it. We had an oil issue that we’re hoping was us and not it. But, it did a great job at 10pm when we were grinding meat in the winter.

I thought it’d be fun to see what’s rocked your world. Doesn’t have to be kitchen stuff either. I have other things too that I’m sure will eventually make their way here.

“Choose your friends with caution, plan your future with purpose, and frame your life with faith.”
~Thomas S. Monson~


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