Buy Local

Over the past year, I’ve really been paying more attention to what we eat and what we buy. I’ve become more and more passionate that everyone, EVERYONE, should buy local. Local, to me, is more important than organic. If you support your local economy, the stability of your area is strengthened. You build a community network. You learn what grows in your area and often, you develop lifelong friendships with people that you simply would have passed by with your buggy at the grocery store.

On the environmental side of things, buying locally results in less travel time for your food which reduces emissions. More often than not, even though you might not get the all reverent “organic,” but you will get a product that is nearly organic or that has been minimally handled and treated. Read up on what organic is all about. Know what you labels mean.

I have become more cognizant of where my fruit and vegetables come from. I make a point of buying things that are produced as close to my home as possible and then in the great US of A, next. Then, I’ll move international. It’s all right there on the sticker. Just look for it. I’m not saying that you have to give up fruits and vegetables. But have you ever considered that perhaps, if we as Americans, actually bought our fruit and vegetables in season, then we would be less reliant on other countries for our food, we would reduce transport costs and could ultimately lower our food costs? Simply by buying local and buying in season.

Supporting local farmers and local agriculture is essential to the economic stability of your state, even if you don’t know it! Every state in the union has agriculture. Every single one of them. And I’ll bet you can find a farmer’s market within a reasonable driving distance. Give it a try. Head to one this spring and talk to the people growing in your area. It might just open doors for you to start working on a garden of your own. But, if you just don’t have a green thumb, please buy some local produce from these folks. I promise you’ll get a fresher product that tastes better and you’ll also get a smile and a little chit-chat while you shop.

We just got back from revival and I’m exhausted. I ended up in the nursery all night…again.


2 thoughts on “Buy Local

  1. I totally have! I think you recommended it to me! Though I think that a lot of what they did was a whole lot of work, it was inspiring. Just to really think about and focus on where our food comes from is a lot to ask of people, I know. But what a HUGE difference it could make if people really did.But, I ain’t killing my chicken babies when I get them (soon I tell you, soon). I have to pay retribution for a previous job for a llllooonnnnngggggg time. If chickens guard the gates to heaven, they’re gonna give me a hard time before letting me in. Let’s just say that…I’m so glad you’re reading!

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