Because I NEED a makeover…

Sorry ladies but I need this one! One of my favorite blogs, Pink and Polka Dot is having a giveaway! I have to try. Her graphic designer, Carrie, from Sweet Fairie Designs,

is giving away a blog revamp. Heaven knows I could use some help as I can’t seem to figure things out! I want to make it pretty and streamlined but I don’t have the time or energy to play with things….

If you’ve got a blog, check out Sweet Fairie Designs and really, seriously check out Pink and Polka Dot. There’s tons of great ideas on her blog! Yall realize that I’m decreasing my chances by tellling yall about this, right??



One thought on “Because I NEED a makeover…

  1. C-re,thanks for playing. Just make sure you go back and leave a comment for posting and then leave another for grabbing the button. So you should have a total of 3 comments for 3 entries. thx.

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