So I went back…

…and got the other chair! My mom gave me birthday money (from January—hahahaha) and for $15, I am the proud owner of another really, really great chair. I didn’t even haggle this one because I just wanted it and it’s really heavy and really a nice chair. It was worth $15. I only wish she had more. And I can’t go shopping AT ALL this week because I now $5 to my name. hehehehe.

Here she is:

Dirty knee on the left courtesy of a morning in the yard with Daddy while I walked a 5K. I think I just lost the second pair of pants for this kid this week. Sigh….please ignore the mess on the desk and the heater. I was cold while I was teleworking, alright?!?

At first, I thought I’d paint it black or perhaps white but I’m kind of liking the yellowish woody stain right now, just not the flower print on top. I think I’m going to leave it alone. It’s our new desk chair and the seat is way better than the current old kitchen chair. I heart this chair.

Oh, and the boys have already broke one of the spindles on the bar stool. Go figure, right? Thank goodness I was going to paint them anyway and can hopefully repair it with wood glue and it look alright. Kids. Can’t trust them with anything.

Ok, I’ve got a pile of dishes calling my name here, floors to vacuum and kids to clean up and hopefully put down for naps soon.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!


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