Look what I bought today!!!

For, well, ever, Hunter and I have wanted to get some bar stools that have a rush bottom and a back on them. Target has some but they’re $70-80 which is just not in our budget. So, we just stuck the ones we hate outside and have done without.

Well, today I was driving back from my grocery run (more on that later) I passed a yard sale in town. I saw these babies and turned back around…

I just knew they were going to be out of my budget as usual (Hunter gave me $20 blow money for next week this morning) but they were marked $25. Dang it. I waited and finally asked her if she’d take $20 because it was all I had. Of course, JL was on my hip so I just smiled sweetly and talked about how I loved them. She sighed, heehawed about it, told me they should be $25 each and then said….she’d take it!!!

I’m so excited! I’m planning to change the course of course. I think black or maybe red. I don’t know. I’m just thrilled to HAVE them. For $10 each! It’s my best yard sale find ever I think. My mom is going back later to see if they have another single chair that I saw with the same seat. It would be great at our desk. She wanted $15 firm. I told Mama it was the perfect birthday present for me!

She also had a wire basket for $1 that I wanted but I didn’t get it. I had the money but the stools just seemed too good to be true.

Happy from her first successful yard sale hunt (stumble up on),

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