Happy Birthday Daddy!

My Dad’s 60th birthday is today. Happy Birthday Daddy!

My parents came over and ate supper with us. Grilled chicken, diced up potatoes in olive oil, butter and herbs, baked beans and homemade bread. And a carrot cake with cream cheese icing with 60 in green per JP’s direction. LOL. He’s REALLY into green right now.

The boys colored a picture of a cake that I drew on their Melissa and Doug easel and then “helped” me wrap a book I bought after Christmas half price on Antique Tractors. Like my Dad will ever even figure out what a blog is to see how much I paid or that he’d care! lol. The best part was when JP handed him the book wrapped and said “it’s a book Papa.” Remind me not to wrap any more presents in front of him! It was fun. Another celebration with my brother and his kids is on Sunday after church. The big 6-0.

Anyway, a big Happy Birthday to one of the best men in my life, the big HL (what Hunter calls him) tonight. I love you Daddy!



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