Long, Long, Long, Long Day

My normal Friday off got shot. I had to go in and submit something for work so I was off yesterday. JP has four, FOUR cavities. I’m so upset. Now, in 2 weeks, they’re going to give my baby laughing gas and fill 2 of them. I could cry. We brush like crazy. So, I talked to the sitter about Kool-Aid. Sigh. Four. Not happy.

My “I should be able cut out by 3 today” ended up with me leaving the office at almost 6, driving across town to be told that Fed Ex doesn’t deliver to PO boxes. Sigh. Now I have to get up in the morning and overnight something to DC. Then I got to drive 40 minutes home in the fog, nearly got a ticket, pick up pizza (I heart Papa John’s) and come home. The boys are about to go to bed and I’m going to lay on the couch with a heating pad on my back. 12 hours of sitting at a desk will do that to you.

I’m off to read some of the book I checked out of the library. Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s interesting. Her family committed to 1 year of consuming nothing but what could be bought locally. I am hugely dedicated to buying from local farmers and we have our own fledgling garden. I canned for the first time last year. Anyway, if you can get past the rants, it’s really interesting. I’m enjoying it.

I have a project in mind for the weekend. I’m hoping to work on it tomorrow after a lunch with “the girls” to celebrate my aunt’s birthday (well, add 3 boys for my little men plus 1 more fellow who requires his mama for sustenance still).



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