Boy am I tired!

Hunter found a 90s Pop Hits station on the dish and I’m sitting him jamming to some Meatloaf while he’s laying down with JP. GREAT MUSIC!

Our local consignment is this week. I opted not to put anything in the sale this time since JL is moving rapidly into his big brother’s clothes. So, I volunteered for 3 shifts so I could shop early. So, on Wednesday I shopped. I spent $52 and got about 10 t-shirts, 5 polos, 5-6 pairs of shorts, 3 pairs of shoes (including a brand spanking new pair of Merrells for $2 for JP), 2 pairs of swimming trunks, a bear rug for their bedroom and a “horse on a stick!” I was really happy with what I got–all great quality.

Today I spent 6 hours manning a register. It got kind of boring (Meatloaf is asking if I’ll raise him up or let him down or get him out of this god forsaken town) toward the end but I found a fellow couponer from my church while chatting! So, someone to commiserate! SO excited. I have to go back to the sale tomorrow for a 3 hour shift through lunch. Oh Lord. House of Pain just came on! JUMP AROUND! JUMP AROUND! JUMP AROUND! How am I supposed to type during this?!?!? I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!

Then I decided to hit the grocery stores before I picked up the kids. Sigh…..I did well but still. I hate spending money, particularly when we didn’t get a contract we’d been praying for.

Here’s how the shopping expedition went down. Kroger—$32 I think that I got for $18 + change after coupons. I got 4 tomato sauces, 2 pastes, 1 Colgate toothpaste, 1 organic milk, 3 Betty Crocker potatoes, 5 boxes of cereal (Honeynut Cheerios, Multi-Grain Cheerios, Trix), sour cream, eggs, 1 Cottonelle TP, a single serve organic chocolate milk and 3 nasty Chef Boyargagme’s for Hunter. Not too bad.

Then I went to CVS. Both of the CVS’s I have access to were out of the Neutrogena facial soap bars (well I got one near work but never found the other) so I finally just bought a sunblock that I like. That gave me 10ECB for my next purchase. I started with zero ECBs because I’d misplaced mine. Of course, I found them a few minutes ago, right? I took the 10 ECBs and got 2 Colgates (I don’t remember the last time I actually paid money for toothpaste to be honest), 3 Suave products, 1 candy bar, and 2, 2-L Cokes. I paid totally using the 10ECB (well, add 0.24 for taxes that I had to pay in cash) and I ended up losing 0.36 in ECB and then I got almost 10ECB back so it was FREE! Sweet. Add that to the 5ECB I just found and I have almost 15ECB to use next week. And my out of pocket was about $9.50.

Last in the expedition was Ingles. Now I won’t get into everything. I know that I got 3 bags of the Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers for free, 2 Welch’s jellies, 6 Kraft cheeses, sandwich meat, 2 loaves of bread, a bag of bagels, a bag of chips, bananas, strawberries, a bag of apples, eggs, Nutella, brown mustard, Fudge Rounds, bacon and a few other things that I can’t for the life of me recall and I spent $28ish. Luckily, I had a $20 credit for a new prescription so I took advantage of that and bought some extras. It was a $60+ order before everything came off.

So my grand total was ~$54. I know we’ll need diapers and wipes but I have a $5 coupon for diapers because I emailed and let them know that 1 bag I got a couple months bag had like 15 defective diapers. Seriously. So, diapers should only cost about $3 and wipes’ll be $6-7. Not terrible. Under budget is the ticket, right?!?

Then I went to a kids’ clothing party where I didn’t buy a thing. But I did show up early, help one of my closest friends straighten up her house and then let my kids entertain her kids and ate food. She’s cool with it so I’m cool with it. She knows I can’t afford that stuff! Who really can right now?

We got home about 830 and the boys got in the bed about 20 minutes ago. I wanted to hop on and share this nutty day. I’m tired. Ready to sleep. Big plans for falling asleep on the couch in about 5 minutes here. Exciting Friday night, right? I really, really want to start sanding the dresser I want to paint for our room tomorrow at some point. Maybe in the afternoon??

If you made it through these ramblings congratulations. You’re the winner of absolutely nothing. Unless you want one of the 4 baby gifts I have stacked in my closet for children that have outgrown them already.



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