A perk me up post: My First Mistreatments!

I’m not really sure what I’ll be rambling about today. First, I’m sitting here enjoying this:

It’s one of my favorite shows. Minus the TERRIBLE southern accent. I mean, seriously. We don’t talk like that at all.

But my mind is on other things. I’ve got the boys to bed (Hunter included—hard day) but I’m worried about some family issues we’ve got going with my extended family. Nothing too major but it’s bothering me nonetheless. I HATE family controversy, particularly over stupid stuff. And maybe it’s not a controversy. Yet. That’s what I’m worried about most. Then there’s work and the upcoming Valentine’s Day (which I think I’ll post on tomorrow).

So I thought, to distract myself a bit, I’d share my mistreatments, ala the Nester (someday I will learn how to make a clickable link and I will replace this I promise). I’ve done 3 windows now and I’m loving them!

First the window over the kitchen sink. I forgot before pictures but picture the window blank…no curtains, no blinds.

The fabric comes out a little shiny-er than it is in real life. It’s really a nice, laid back fabric with a kind of rough texture to it. I can’t explain it. But I love it!

Second is the dining room room (attached to the kitchen).

Not perfect, but it doesn’t have to be, right? Ignore the dirty window. You can kind of tell that it’s really a flatter fabric here. Sort of shabby rustic, if that’s possible.

Third is my favorite. I don’t know why. This fabric is totally not me! But, it’s fantastic. It’s my pantry/laundry room. Again, no before picture. I’m a slacker. I know.

(Again, please ignore the mess. That’s Pepper’s cage since her hutch isn’t built yet. And yes, that’s my very sad Christmas/Easter Cactus. It’s not really happy with me right now.)

You should have heard me talking to those upholstery tacks, thumbtacks and safety pins. I am NOT the Nester. I won’t tell you how many tacks are holding that sucker up! hahahaha. But, I’m loving what they do for a room that I tend to hate. I think I’ve said this before but I am a terrible decorator. Very indecisive and non-committal. So, these are a step for me. Anyone out there? (Other than Hunter?) What do you think?

Nighty night!



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