I. HATE. CIO (or, more specifically,crying at bedtime)

Ok, I’m going to preface this by saying I’m not 100% against some forms of CIO though I could never sit for an hour and listen to one of my kids cry. I’m just not built that way. JP is 3. And he’s upstairs screaming “MMMMMAAAAAMMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!!!!” over and over again. And I hate it. But he does this every few months. Just cries for no reason (now he’s on to DADDY!) and fights sleep. Hunter often has more success than I do. He can sit up there and talk to him for 2 seconds and come down with no tears. Me? I lay there for 5 minutes and then listen to crying for 20 minutes. I. HATE. IT. Hate it.

Does it get any better? I mean, seriously? Will it? And if JL starts this, I may fall apart. I can just lay him down and he’ll go to sleep so long as he has a pacy. God help us when we take the pacy.

Other than this heartrenching post, an uneventful day. We had a family day and did not go to church. Bad members, I know. But I’ve been traveling for 2 weekends in a row and I have to work next Saturday so I took a day. We went to Hancocks and I always walk out of there feeling like I’ve been screwed. Like I never get the deals I think I’m going to…kind of like Walmart. lol. Oh well. It was amusing to buy polka-dotted upholstery fabric for couch cushions and then 2 yards of camouflage fabric. And a yard of black girly trim for my mistreatment (that I plan to post tomorrow since I do have pictures now).

Nighty night.



One thought on “I. HATE. CIO (or, more specifically,crying at bedtime)

  1. My first daughter cried and never slept throught the night until well into her third year. NEVER knew what was up with her – what did she want, and why? Now that she is almost 11 years old, you ask? Well, she is very independent on the outside, but a big mama’s girl IRL. Shhh, don’t let her hear us talking – she would do a big girl tween freak! Now, my second girl, thank the good Lord, was a perfect sleeper, never a whimper from day one. BUT, now that she is 10 (yes, they are one year apart. CUH-RAY-ZEEE!) she is a big pleaser, which can be a bad thing if she decides to please some psycho girl friend at school. Remember Cruel Intentions, the movie? Anyway, my comment was meant to reassure you that in my experience the second child doesn’t always follow the first. And one day, say when he hits his teen years, you will have trouble getting him to wake up in the mornings! Sorry for the long post.Wendi from NC

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