Whew! Busy time

I know I said I’d do better! I KNOW. But, in my defense, it’s been crazy. Hunter’s been sick. We’ve been dealing with tantrums and JL hitting the whiny 19 month age . Oy. And then I’ve been traveling a bit for work. I have my last weekend trip this weekend and then I have to work next Saturday but at least it’s locally.


I’d like to introduce you to Pepper!

Pepper came to live with us two weekends ago. We brought her home from my sister-in-law’s house. She’s just weaned and adorable. We’ve been having lots of fun holding her and chasing her around the living room. Hunter is supposed to get her a hutch built soon so she can enjoy being outside again. She’s fast outgrowing the borrowed gerbil cage!
She’s really helping us with a situation. JP and JL are, for some reason, very skittish around all animals other than our cats. And sometimes our cats! Especially dogs. I’ve been real concerned about this as we have dogs, cats, a turtle and now Pepper. So, recently, we’ve been bringing Buck (one of the dogs—gentler and better with children) up at night. It’s hit and miss. I’m not forcing it but we’re working on it.
When my brother-in-law brought Pepper in that weekend, he had her in his pocket. He told JP to reach in and see what was in there. I’m sure JP thought it was a car but once he felt hair, his hand shot back out of there. When Doc pulled her out, he handed her to JP before he could think about it. After he held her the first time, he was nervous but he kept touching her and JL just loved her. So, I knew then that I wanted to bring her home. Hunter and I talked about it and agreed that she’d be perfect. So, home she came in a paper bag between my legs!
Alright, I’ll have more tomorrow. I promise! I have window mistreatments to show you. I’m just proud that I figured out how to post a picture!

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