Happy Birthday Hunter! And a prayer request

I’ve pulled the glider over in front of the fire and Friends is rerunning right now. Hunter is upstairs with JP talking before going to bed and JL is already laying down. It’s nice. Today is Hunter’s 29th birthday! Happy Birthday Babe! I love you! We started dating at 19/20 respectively, can you believe that? We’ve been together a while!

I made pizza casserole and chocolate-chocolate cake. Hunter voted for his favorite meal instead of eating out. He wants to buy a tent. Lord help me. I don’t camp. It’s just not me. Ok, so I haven’t tried it but I don’t think I’ll like it. I prefer a roof over my head and a bed darn it! And I’m not a girlie girl. But he’s found a tent on sale for $60, a 6 person one that is, granted, nice. So that’s what he wants. I also renewed his subscription to his favorite magazine like I said before. I figured it was worth it. He’s missed it this past year.

It’s been an up and down day. I teleworked today which made me happy. I love teleworking. Best thing on earth. It’s Hunter’s birthday which is a great day. It’s freezing cold outside and I’ve sat in front of a fire all day. My dear friends Jon and Samantha had a healthy 6lb, 6oz baby girl (Ella) yesterday, despite drs telling them she was going to be tiny. All goods.

The bad. My childhood best friend’s little sister has a brain tumor. She’s 24 years old. They found a tumor a few weeks back when trying to figure out why she was having migraines. The tumor is not causing the migraines oddly so they were kind of a blessing because the cancer was found. Today they told her that it is a grade 2 tumor that they can’t remove because it’s imbedded too deep on her brain. The dr says that radiation will cause her to have dementia by 35. In 3 months, they’ll re-evaluate to see if it’s growing. This type of tumor is known to be very slow growing and is also “self contained” from what my cousin said so it’s not known to spread. If it grows more rapidly than expected, then they’ll do chemo. I grew up with Julee and Jodie, and my heart aches for them and their family. I wish I had an answer for why things like this happen or what the reason is for it. I wish I knew what to say and what to do. I’ve watched her grow up. I’ve known her literally since she was born. It just breaks my heart. Please, if you’ve read this far, pray for Jodie and for God’s healing. Pray for strength for her, Julee and her family (Ronnie, Pat and Alan).

That’s all for me. Nighty night.


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