A Mistreatment a la The Nester

So, I finally, finally decided to be brave and do a mistreatment. Have you read the Nester? She rocks. I’m not very decoraty (is that a word?) at all and my house shows it. I second guess myself constantly. But, I’ve been inspired and I’m trying to do more. So, when I saw this on the Nester’s site, I knew I could do it.


(Sorry, still don’t know how to do linkies.)

I found a fabric on New Year’s at Hancock’s ( my first visit in years). And it’s been laying here. My first excuse was that I didn’t have a liner (and I needed one b/c at $17/yard and that’s half price, I wasn’t doubling like the Nester), then I needed Hunter to put me a piece of wood across the top to attach the fabric (because the people who built this house were stupid) and then I didn’t have upholstery tacks. Well, a trip to Home Depot fixed most of that and I got started. I’ll admit that I did use my sewing machine and I’m pretty happy with it! I love the fabric. Shimmery and yet understated. Not sure how I’ll match it at all but I like it. I do need actual upholstery tacks as you can see my silver thumbtacks (never did find upholstery tacks) a little much. I promise to add pictures tomorrow. It’s almost 10 and I still need to bring the dog in and get ready for bed.

Oh and I told Hunter about the blog..finally. He’s reading now. Probably the only person! hahaha

Hey Babe. Love You.


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